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what is colic crying baby

What is Colic and how to Cope up with it?

Do you think that your infant cries for hours and hours and no matter how much you soothe, those tears don’t stop? You might want to learn what is colic as your baby might be suffering from it! As you brought your newborn home, everything would have been normal but after a few weeks, have

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lose belly fat fast

15 Tried and Tested Ways to Lose Belly Fat

The belly can be described as a sensitive area when it comes to weight management and most people usually focus on this area when it comes to dropping a couple of pounds. The belly is also mistakenly used as a sign of progress by most people dealing with weight management. Though this should not be


implantation calculator for finding the right dates

Looking for favorable dates? Try implantation calculator

Implantation happens when the embryo attaches to the wall of the uterus. Implantation is a vital step towards successful pregnancy, without it fertilized egg may flush out in next periods. Attached embryo is basically a cluster of actively dividing cell and is termed as a blastocyst. Basically implantation helps the embryo to develop and grow


newborn photography tips

Newborn Photography – Tips to Capture the Great Moments

For new parents, one of the most exciting things is making memories of the adorable looks of their baby. All thanks to professional newborn photography, these moments can be preserved. The days of a newborn are extremely precious but there is no doubt they are quite fleeting too. You would surely want to create beautiful


weight loss age

How to Manage Weight Loss No Matter your Age?

As you get older, weight loss management might become a problem as it becomes easier to gain a few pounds, than it is to go in the other direction. This can especially be a problem for those well into their 30s, as lifestyle habits tend to change over the years. However it is never too

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