18 Weeks Pregnant – Your Sweetheart is the Size of a Bell Pepper

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By the time you are 18 weeks pregnant you have already landed in the second trimester, rather gone through a few weeks. Most women are comfortable by now to announce their pregnancy news. Your body is now evidently showcasing your journey towards motherhood. This article primarily focuses on all minor and major details you want to learn as 18 weeks pregnant. So stay tuned!

18 weeks pregnant baby in the photo

Know your Baby

Your little munchkin weighs about 200gm and measures around 14cm as you approach 18th week pregnancy. By the 18th week pregnancy myelin, a protective covering around neurons will start forming by the nerves of your baby. Myelin is highly significant in development and functioning of the nervous system of your baby after birth. Myelin accelerates the speed of stimulus from one nerve ending to other, it is really vital for baby’s reflexes.

Fun facts:

  • If you hold little princess in the womb, eggs will be developing in her ovaries when you are 18 weeks pregnant.
  • Your baby is mastering the skill of yawning at the 18th week of pregnancy. Hiccups can also be felt by this time or might be a few days later.
  • When 18 weeks pregnant, your uterus resembles size of a cantaloupe

18 weeks pregnant 4D ultrasound

First Baby Kick

18th week pregnancy literally means that its time for you to feel the long awaited baby kick. Your baby has sufficient room to maneuver inside your womb. Probably by this time suddenly you feel a jerk or a flutter inside and believe your senses it’s your baby. Hurrah!!. Please note that you can feel kicks a few weeks later, it’s pretty normal. Don’t panic and keep yourself composed.

18 Weeks Pregnant – Response to Music

By the 18th week of pregnancy, the little peanut is able to hear and respond back to noises and music. Some experiments revealed that when 18 weeks pregnant mom was exposed to different intensity music, results varied. The number of kicks for specified period increased with the beats and volume of music.

Fetal Anomaly Scan

On visiting your gynecologist at the 18th week pregnancy, you might be prescribed “Fetal anomaly scan”. This is the second scan primarily done to assess if any physical defect is present in the baby. You may also inquire about the gender of your baby at this scan. However, as a government policy due to the apprehension of female genocide in some countries, it is forbidden to disclose gender. Also for a baby boy, it is preferable to get anomaly scan done by week 20. The sonographer may fail to confirm any gender if genitals are not clearly visible.

Symptoms when 18 Weeks Pregnant

  • On reaching 18th week of pregnancy, be prepared to forget about your picture perfect waistline. Your belly starts appearing more visibly highlighting your baby bump over your pelvis. First-time moms develop baby bump slightly later than experienced moms.
  • Gas trouble and bloating may cause discomfort. Stressing too much will end in swallowing more air and aggravating the issue.
  • Swelling is the most common symptom of pregnancy. From head to toe even in your gums you can have swelling that may lead to bleeding. Actually, pregnancy hormones are the contributory factor towards swollen mucous membranes.
  • Stretch marks may start appearing on your inner thighs and slightly around the navel. Keeping the skin moisturized with olive oil rescues the stretch marks to some extent. Remember, it is a part of motherhood so try to accept body changes.
  • A shift in the center of gravity occurs due to bulging belly, which means inappropriate posture and consequently backache. Also, ligaments that hold muscles firmly began to loosen because of pregnancy hormone Relaxin. This also contributes to muscle fatigue and pain. Note that healthier women tend to experience more discomfort than slim women.

What to do for Pain?

  • Don’t let the pain go unnoticed. Inform your caregiver about frequency and intensity of pain.
  • Use a foot stool to keep your foot raised when you are resting.
  • If you have to perform standing work. Take frequent breaks and sit down to relax
  • A warm bath and hot water bags also work well.

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