33 weeks Pregnant – Be Cautious!!

33 weeks pregnant in pool

Are you 33 weeks pregnant? If yes, then you must start preparing yourself to become a mother soon. Your baby now is 16 to 17 inches in length and he may weigh 4 pounds or more. The amniotic fluid level at 33 weeks pregnancy maxes out, which means that you have more baby fluid inside you. That’s one reason why the pokes and kicks are pretty sharp to feel.

33 weeks pregnant

Growth of Baby When you are 33 Weeks Pregnant

What is the status of the growth of the baby when you are 33 weeks pregnant? As the uterine walls become thin, more light can penetrate into the womb, so by now, your baby is capable of differentiating between night and day. Your baby has reached a really important milestone. He/she has their own immune system now. Antibodies from the mother have now been passed to the baby and they will protect the baby from germs when it comes into the real world.

33 weeks pregnant ladies

Changes in the Mother’s Life

A lot of things inside your womb will change. It will literally become a challenge for you to find an easy position to sit. Yes, it is not just sleep that will become uneasy. Your will feel numbness in your hands, wrists, and fingers too.

Many 33 weeks pregnant women wonder how often should they feel the baby’s movement. Well, you will not observe much change in the movements of the baby, they will be as frequent as they were in the previous month. Each baby has its own pattern of activity so you can expect anything.

You will surely be tired of being pregnant but that’s ok. Remind yourself that it is easier to take care of babies in the womb as compared to out in the world. Your body weight will continue to increase as you become 33 weeks pregnant and whether you like it or not, you have to go through these changes

Treating the Sleep Problems for 33 weeks pregnant

Insomnia will be your biggest complaint as you become 33 weeks pregnant. Hormonal changes, leg cramps, heartburn, midnight runs to urinate and carrying that huge belly is not going to be easy.  At this stage of pregnancy, your body will demand a lot of rest. Waiting for days to pass is not going to help. Try taking a warm bath and drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed. It is recommended not to eat, drink or exercise too close to the bedtime. You can always ask your partner to give you a massage.

Being 33 weeks pregnant is surely not easy but consider these days as training because you will have a lot more responsibility than this when the baby arrives.


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