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What are the causes and symptoms of Pneumonia?

What are the causes and symptoms of Pneumonia?

If you are a new parent, you must be aware of the common diseases that affect kids. Among the most common ones is Pneumonia. You must know what this disease actually is all about to choose the most effective treatment for your kid. So what is Pneumonia? The word actually means an infection of lungs.

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Newborn Hiccups – Quick Ways to Get Rid of Them

Starting from funny faces and ending to tiny yawns, babes do the most adorable things. But it can be hard sometimes to know what exactly they are doing or wanting. When you notice newborn hiccups, it can sound super sweet, and you also might be wondering what is happening to your kid? The newborn hiccups

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Amazing Benefits of Interactive Baby Dolls for Toddlers

Interactive baby dolls are widely used for various purposes whether it is learning childcare, creating awareness about child abuse, parenting skills or more. For toddlers, the interactive dolls are not just some idle time pass thing. They can help babies in incredible ways. Do you know they are a crucial part of child development? Yes,