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types of breast pumps

4 Types of Breast Pumps – Which One to Choose?

4 Types of Breast Pumps – Which One to Choose?

Ever since breast pumps have been introduced, they are widely used by mothers for removing and collecting milk from their breasts. Once the milk is collected, you can either store it in a container or you can feed it to your baby. Today, you can readily find a variety of types of breast pumps. You can

breastfeeding harmful toxins

Breastfeeding: Can Toxins in Breast Milk Harm Your Baby?

A study conducted last August by P. Grandjean, a professor of environmental health at Harvard School of Public Health, found increased levels of PFAS’s in some children who had been breastfed longer than three months. These chemicals are thought to reduce the effects of some vaccines, leaving your child susceptible to diseases. This has many