Breast Pump Brands – How to Choose the Right One?

breast pump brands available

If you are getting ready to go back to work and you want to leave your very own natural supply of breast milk for your baby, you are surely going to need a breast pump. Lots of breast pump brands are available out there offering this device in plenty of different shapes and sizes.

Before you begin to look for various breast pump brands, you have to consider some factors, such as:

  • How often do you need to express?
  • What is your budget?

If you are going back to work and you will be away from your home for several hours, you will deficiently need a breast pump that is super-efficient. In that case, buy the electric model that can work on both breasts simultaneously. The best breast pump brands have them and they are not cheap. If you find them too expensive, you can always rent the electric pumps from your local pharmacy or hospital. The only problem is ensuring that the breast pump is germ free.

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Best breast pump brands

Breast Pump Brands – Which One to Choose?

Not all breast pump brands offer the same product and not all pumps are equal in performance. Never invest money on a cheap pump as they won’t work well. In fact, they can damage your nipples so, don’t risk yourself.

While buying, don’t forget to choose the warranty of the pump to find out its expected life span. Do not buy pumps from companies having the main business of selling nipples, bottles or formula milk. You are recommended to consider those companies which are actually the breast pump brands. You will find different fit options in the market. Remember one thing, breast pump fit is not all about the breast size, it is actually about the size of the nipple. It is about how well the nipples fit into the opening of the pump or the nipple tunnel. If you want to ensure comfort and efficiency while pumping, double check the pump fit.

Do you know that the breast pump brands also offer pumps for mothers who haven’t yet established the milk supply? Such mothers are usually recommended the hospital grade electric pumps as they help in bringing and maintaining the supply of milk.

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Safety Notes

  • Always get the pump from the best breast pump brands. Never get a used pump. Even if you are using your own collection kit, it is not necessary that your milk won’t get contaminated. The hospital pumps are designed for multiple users but you need to make sure they are hygienically safe to use.
  • If you have a double pump and you are using one side only, make sure the other side has its lid on.
  • Make sure that you clean the pump parts after you have used it. There is no need to sterilize them, just wash them with warm water after using dish soap.
  • Clean the tubing only if the breast milk goes into it. Otherwise, it is not necessary to clean it.

In short, you will be safe as long as you have the pump from the best breast pump brands.

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