Breastfeeding in Public – The Do’s and Don’ts

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There is no doubt breastfeeding in public can get extremely controversial. For first moms, this experience is always awkward. But one thing is certain, if a bottle-fed baby can have his/her food in public then why can’t a breastfed baby? It is obvious; you will never be comfortable feeding your baby in a public restroom!

Don’t worry ladies, there are ways you can nurse your baby in public confidently and confidentially, even if you are at a public place.

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Is Breastfeeding in Public Legal?

That’s the first thing a mother would want to know. Take a sigh of relief because you are protected by law to nurse your baby in public. Even if you are living in a state that does not have such laws written in books, you still have every right to feed your baby.

It is not a crime to breastfeed in public, a hungry baby has all the right to be fed. According to the Federal Legislation passed in the year 1999, you are allowed to breastfeed on federal property. Even your employer is legally obliged to allow you to nurse your baby during the work break. For further information about breastfeeding in public, it is recommended to explore the state by state breastfeeding laws provided by the National Conference of State Legislature.

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Must Read Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding in public does not have to be that hard. These tips might help you overcome the discomfort while providing a nourishing diet to your baby:

  • Always be dressed for nursing. A two piece outfit, preferably a buttoned strolled shirt, would be best. This will allow your baby to have easy access to his/her lunch.
  • Practice breastfeeding in public. Let your baby latch on you for a little bit and watch yourself in the mirror to find out how much exposure you are getting. Check out which angles would work best if you have to feed your baby in a bunch of people.
  • Have a poncho, shawl or blanket with you to over your shoulders while you are feeding your baby.
  • Why not wear your baby? You can make public breastfeeding discreet by using a sling. Nobody will even realize what your baby is doing and you will feel comfortable throughout the time.
  • Don’t start feeding your baby when he gets frenzy. If the baby starts crying with hunger that can make your breastfeeding act highly obvious.

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Do you need any Breastfeeding Gear?

Breastfeeding in public can get less stressful if you have breastfeeding gear like special nursing tops and nursing covers. They are meant for the ease of the baby and the mother. The good thing is that you will avoid unwanted attention. You must always carry a copy of the nursing law of your state in the diaper bag to shun those who object your breastfeeding. Always find out information about the law so that you don’t get harassed. Last but not the least, if you think breastfeeding in public does not feel right among certain people, make sure to avoid it. That would be best in your interest.

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