Can You Get a Tattoo while Pregnant?

can you get a tattoo while pregnant

Have you just remembered the special time in your life when you got a tattoo? Are you eager to get another one to serve as a reminder for your first baby? Wondering Can you get a tattoo while pregnant? You have landed at the right place then. We are going to explore everything about getting a tattoo while being pregnant. So let’s see can you get a tattoo while pregnant or not.

Can You Get a Tattoo while Pregnant?

You would surely want everything to be safe for not just your baby but you too right? Getting a tattoo during this time period won’t really be a good idea. The risks surely are small but you are still taking a chance for not just yourself but your baby too. Here are some things which you would want to consider before asking anyone “can you get a tattoo while pregnant”:

can you get a tattoo while pregnant infection


Of course, the ink does not enter the bloodstream but there are certain tattoo inks that are capable of metabolizing or making their way into the lymph nodes. If the ink is already contaminated with bacteria, you will be at the risk of developing an infection. If the needle is dirty, you are likely to get HIV or Hepatitis. You have to be sure that sterilized equipment is used for tattooing in case you really want to consider getting one.


The tattoo might look symmetrical on your skin but as you gain the pre-pregnancy figure, the tattoo will become distorted. There are also chances that you will get stretch marks. They might be permanent too.


In case you got a tattoo on your back, you must know this thing that some GYNs and anesthesiologists don’t consider it safe to perform epidural. The needle might push the pigmented tissue into the spinal column and it may give birth to some infection. Although there hasn’t been any report of any such case but your doctor might want to talk to you about it at the time of delivery.

can you get a tattoo while pregnant henna

Why not Consider Henna?

Still concerned about “can you get a tattoo while pregnant?” If you really want to get a tattoo, you can always consider getting a tattoo with henna. In countries like India, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern states, applying designs with henna on pregnant bellies can bring good luck, especially if it is done in the 3rd trimester. Legend says that henna will make your childbirth safe and you will actually have a happy and healthy baby. Henna stains are available in red, orange, black, coffee, cinnamon, chocolate and brown colors. You can pick any design and get it tattooed with henna. However, it is going to be a temporary one, which is good for you and the baby! Getting henna tattoo is perfectly safe! You can ask the rep at the tattoo parlor “can you get a tattoo while pregnant” with henna from their shop.

We hope that all your concerns regarding “Can you get a tattoo while pregnant” are now clear. If you are still determined to get a tattoo, it is recommended to observe necessary precautions.


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