8 Most Common Newborn Ailments

common newborn ailments thrush

Having a newborn baby in your arms and stepping inside your home with it, is certainly one of the most heavenly life moments. But with it, here come the worry bells also. You need to remember the fact that newborn babies can face some common conditions as they are weak and open to the environment. A lot of the common newborn ailments are not to worry about but having knowledge about them all makes the situation better for parents. Here we have discussed 8 most common newborn ailments that they face and what causes them along with the information on what can be done about it. So grab this little piece of information and be worry less! Enjoy your little one!

  1. Jaundice:baby having Jaundice

Jaundice indicates that the baby’s blood consists of bilirubin in excess. This is a chemical which is created during the breakdown of old RBC’s. All humans contain this chemical but newborns usually have it in excess.

The sign for indicating Jaundice: The skin gets a tint of yellow on the face or chest or legs. You can test it by pressing your finger on baby’s forehead or nose and see if your finger’s skin turns yellow.

Jaundice actually gets done with itself, within a few days but if it doesn’t; you need to consult the doctor. If the bilirubin increases it can cause damage to the nervous system. Phototherapy is the most common method to treat it.

  1. Thrush:common newborn ailments thrush

Thrush is a yeast infection. Most common sign for it is that white patches start to appear in your mouth. The doctors usually prefer an antifungal medication (oral one).

  1. Cradle Cap:

Heavy flaking along with redness and greasy scales on the scalp are signs of cradle cap. It looks really irritating but is not harmful to your baby. Cradle cap can be treated by the parents easily. Wash your child’s scalp with a mild shampoo and soft brushing will also help. If nothing works, you should consult a doctor.

  1. Heart Murmur:

When you hear another noise amongst the heartbeat of your baby; it is referred to as heart murmur. They are harmless and doctors can easily identify them. A normal heart murmur is not harmful but if your child’s doctor shows concern…he will treat it accordingly.

  1. Baby Acne:common newborn ailments baby having acne

Acne or pimples that come on your baby’s skin during the fifth or sixth month are harmless. Doctors say that acne at this stage is caused due to pregnancy issues. It looks same to the adult acne and you can wash your baby’s face with mild soap once per day.

  1. Blocked Tear Ducts:

Blocked tear ducts happen when a baby is born with half or partially full tear duct being blocked. The condition is said to be harmless. Sticky mucus or constant watery eyes are a sign of this ailment. They usually open up without any severe treatments.

  1. Umbilical Granuloma:

The stump of the baby’s umbilical cord should fall off after a few weeks of birth. Sometimes, the base of the cord creates a growth which is termed as Granuloma. Signs to identify this are that the area around the cord becomes swollen and moist. The area might turn yellow as well or bleed slightly. The doctor can easily get the cord dry and make it fall off. Otherwise, your baby might have to go through a small process.

  1. Umbilical Hernia:

This is caused by a minor hole in the abdominal wall. This makes the tissues swell out whenever the abdomen feels pressure. It usually heals within 12-18 months. If it does not then your child will have to go through a minor surgery. The most common sign to identify it is that whenever your baby cries umbilical cords pushes outwards.

We hope that you have thoroughly read and grasped the most common newborn ailments. Let us know your thoughts with your comments about this informative post.


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