Conception Calculator – When my Baby is Arriving?

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Conception is a term coined to indicate fertilization of an egg with sperm and commencement of pregnancy. Conception can either occur inside the womb of the mother or outside the female body as in IVF. During natural fertilization occurring via a vaginal path, sperm can sustain life for a maximum of 7 days. It is to be noted that a sharp decline in mobility of sperm starts after 3 days.

What do you understand by Conception Calculator?

Conception Calculator is basically used to determine the due date of childbirth by evaluating conception timing. Normally, the timing of menstrual cycles is accounted while calculating the expected due date.

Best time to conceive

The peak time to conceive is either those 3 days when sperm is highly mobile or two days prior ovulation. These two windows represent a window of high probability for conception.

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Identifying the Conception Date

Generally in women with smooth menstrual cycle conception normally befalls between 11-21 days after the initial menstrual day of preceding period. A big chunk of women remains ignorant about actual conception date because of inability to determine exact ovulation timing. So, conception calculator is used in such instances to give an estimated delivery date.

For women whose conception commences in artificial medium outside body as in IVF mostly knows the exact conception date.

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Using Conception Calculator

Expected delivery date can be assessed using conception calculator as below. Either of the parameters stated below can be entered.

  • You should exactly know the initial day of last period cycle. You need to enter the total length of the menstrual cycle along with the first day of LMP. You will be available with possible results of conception dates.
  • You can enter your ovulation date
  • Gestational age of fetus as per ultrasound
  • In the case of IVF, date of embryo transfer or IVF egg.

Keep in mind that:

  • Conception calculator normally takes 28 days as an average menstrual cycle
  • Pregnancy is assumed to stretch for whole 40 weeks
  • Even women with regular menstrual cycle may experience different cycles of ovulation
  • Too much stress and overthinking can alter the period date and thus ovulation days and conception date.

How to estimate women’s ovulation date?

Ovulation Calendar & 9 months Pregnancy Wheel is an additional tool besides conception calculator. It is widely used to determine the precise ovulation date. It is a conventional pregnancy wheel extensively practiced after the commencement of pregnancy.

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