What Causes Cramps After Period?

bad cramps after period

Women naturally feel better when the menstrual cycle ends. However, unpleasant and discomfort feeling continues if you face cramps after period. Normally, this cramping is not a worrying sign yet it can’t be and shouldn’t be overlooked. Cramping is faced by women sometimes up to 14 days once bleeding has stopped. Let’s see in detail the significant factors causing cramps after period.

troublesome Cramps after Period

Ovulation may cause cramps after period

The process of ovulation goes painlessly for majority women. However, cramps and pelvic pain are reported by women for up to 2 weeks after menses, especially during ovulation. Cramping after period is slightly different from usual period pain. It may show up as shooting pain on either side of the abdomen or it could be light ache on either side.

Contraceptive devices

One of the main reason for cramping after period is recently inserted IUD’s or intrauterine devices. These are actually foreign devices to physically block sperms from fertilization. The occurrence of pain is due to the fact that uterus is taking the time to adjust with the new device. Cramps after period for this factor can continue for up to 3 months.


This is the condition where a cluster of cells like the one inside uterus begin to grow rapidly outside the uterus. They can also stick and grow on other reproductive organs like a vagina, fallopian tubes, pelvic cavity, uterus and intestines. The may shed at any time and may cause spotting before period and also cramps after period. Endometriosis causes continuous pelvic cramps that intensify greatly during your menses.

Ovarian cysts

Cysts not only cause infertility and PCO’s, but they also cause cramps after period. There are several contributory factors that lead to the formation of an ovarian cyst.


The growth of tumor cells in the smooth lining of the uterus is known as fibroids. These tumorous cells are non-cancerous in nature. Besides being a cause of cramps after period they also cause frequent urinations, weight gain in waistline area and irregular bleeding.

Invasion by pathogen

Any bacterial infection in either of ovaries, uterus or fallopian tubes may cause cramps after period. Infections may lead to infertility or even scarring of tissue. The usual symptoms that are observed include odd vaginal discharge, fever, and irregular bleeding.

Leftover debris in uterus

By the end of your period, all blood need to be expelled out from the uterus. The requirement to expel still stands even if some debris and blood are left behind. This can cause cramps accompanied with spotting.

Hormonal imbalance may cause cramping after period

Cramping is among one of the most evident signs of hormonal imbalance. Sometimes oral contraceptive and hormonal IUD’s induce cramps after period especially for the first few months. Thyroid issues are also found to be in connection with triggering cause of cramps.

How to deal with Cramping?

You can choose either of following options for treatment of cramping after period.

  • Try stretching. Meditation and specific yoga poses to ease out such cramps and pains
  • Stay hydrated
  • Don’t lift heavy stuff
  • Try a warm bath
  • Increase intake of hot liquids
  • Apply hot compress pad
  • Try having herbal teas especially those infused with chamomile, ginger valerian root, and willow bark
  • You can also try different herbs like Bryonia, mux vomica, colocynthis, belladonna, Lachesis mutus, cimicifuga and Caulophyllum thalictroides
  • Always seek medical help if your cramps are due to any disease like endometriosis, fibroids etc.

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