Diapers or Cloths: What’s the Best?

diapers for babies

Out of the hundreds of questions running through your head as a mother what kind of diapers your new baby will wear may seem like they would fall far down on the list. However, the choice between cloth and disposable has been debated for many years and may be a harder decision than you first anticipated. Below we have listed some of the pros and cons to help you choose which option is best for your little one.

Effectiveness of Diapers

In this era, the competition is pretty evenly matched. Cloth diapers (depending on the cover) could be better fitting and therefore, have less chance of overflow. But the disposable is known to keep a child dryer so to have fewer interruptions overnight.

Cloth diapers do have a leg up when it comes to potty training. Statistics show that those raised in cloth diapers are capable of using the toilet much earlier than those kept in pull-ups or disposable.  

disposabal diapers for babiesHealth

There have been reports of some babies having negative reactions to the chemicals used in making disposable diapers. Most pediatricians still believe them to keep infants dryer which could reduce the chance of rashes. For this reason, they are the sole option acceptable for many childcare facilities and are seen as being better for hygiene. With cloth, there is said to be an increased risk of rashes. As long as you make sure to change your baby’s diaper the recommended every 2-3 hours, it is less likely that any outbreaks will occur.   


There is no denying that cloth diapers take the win when it comes to price. However, the start-up costs may be a bit higher especially if you are going with a more fashionable cover. The average amount spent to start cloth diapering is about $300-$500 up front, but after that, you are set most times until potty training.  

On the other hand, if you are using disposable diapers it could cost you upwards of $1400 a year. This could cut very deeply into the pockets of an already strained budget.  


Some think that changing a cloth diaper is more time consuming, but in reality with today’s improvements, they are just as conveniently handled as their throw away competitors. Also, their upkeep is as simple as an extra load of laundry. Also, you spend less time worrying about keeping enough diapers on hand to cover your baby’s bottom or laboriously dragging bags of heavy diapers out to the dumpster.

side effects of diapers for environmentEnvironment

Disposable diapers are considered solid waste and can be placed in landfills that are closely monitored to ensure as little effect on the atmosphere as possible. But there are still negative effects produced by the factories that make the products as well as the trucks used for transporting the goods to stores.  

Cloth diapers may be just as harmful to the environment due to the extra water and electricity used to keep them clean and there is still the transportation issue.

Many parents normally ask the question, which diaper is best for our baby. So, with the numerous kinds of diapers for sale, it may at first be overwhelming to decide. If you find yourself unable to decide there is also a hybrid diaper available for those who want the best of both worlds. But who says you have to stick to just one choice? Try out a few different best diapers for newborns if needed to find the right fit for your baby and budget.      


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