Grand Mama’s Gender Predictor – An Extra Dose of Fun

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Pink or blues is the very first question popping up in your mind once you are declared pregnant. Women can’t resist their indulgence for shopping and same goes when they hear the news of baby arrival. You know it’s really simply to ask your sonographer to reveal gender but that loses the real excitement. Also, it is very much possible that unclear positioning of legs and baby’s genitals may not reveal anything. You know what is the most adorable thing about being pregnant? The involvement and association of friends and family with your marshmallow. Every maternal and paternal old ladies serve more than a gender predictor. They can have your x-ray and ultrasound with their eyes telling with confidence whether it’s a prince or a princess. This article aims at providing you some laughter therapy to enjoy the Grandma Gender prediction system. Each gender predictor is utterly based on experience with no sound connection to science.

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Baby bump

Don’t feel weird if your granny asks you to stand straight facing south, analyzing your belly bump. High bumps mean girl and low baby bump interpret as a boy.


Girls are sweet like honey, so if you crave for desserts and sweet stuff like that, break out the pink. Salty and sour craving indicates a boy.

Count your heartbeat

On your next visit to Gymea do not forget to ask heartbeat count once she uses Doppler for the purpose. Gender predictor grandma says baby boys have heartbeat lower than 140 while baby girls have above that.

Mood swings

If you experience frequent mood swings, it’s a pink light due to loaded female hormones.

How do your boobs look like?

You probably have not seen boobs like before as a gender predictor. Trust me there is a boob test too as declared by Grandmama. If it’s a boy right breast is heavy, the girl makes left breast heavy. Also when you have a baby boy nipples turn darker.

Weirdest test ever

By now you have been asked several times to pee in a cup for certain urine tests for pregnancy. This is weirdest of all, only to be practiced at home. So all you need to do is mix one Tbsp. of Drano in your pee and observe the color changes. If it turns blue it’s boy, if it turns green it’s a girl. Also if you pee in bright yellow it is a boy and light yellow for a girl

Facial glow

If you are showcasing a visible pregnancy glow which your peeps will tell you for sure then it’s a girl. Experienced moms say that women carrying a boy are deprived of such glow.

gender predictor wedding ring

Wedding Ring – Your next gender predictor

Women start craving for babies since high school and college. Ring test is a fun thing to check how many girls and boys will you have? Once you are pregnant you can again try the test. Put off your wedding ring (do it before swelling popping off impossible) and tie it with a chain or string or thread whatever you have. Lower this ring near your belly and see the movement. If it moves to and fro it’s a girl, circular motion of a ring indicates it is a boy.

Chinese Gender Predictor

Gender Prediction using Chinese lunar calendar and Chinese gender chart date back to 7 centuries. The method was developed in King’s palace. It employs conception date and mother’s age. There is no justified logic or science attach to it. It is purely a guess work and results are 50 50.

Mayan gender Predictor

This gender prediction is based on Mayan methodology who regard the even numbers as feminine and odd numbers as masculine. The technique is simple. You just need to sum your age at the time of conception with a year of conception. If the result is even it’s a girl otherwise a boy.

Quick Review of using Different Gender Predictors

gender predictor with numbers

Get ready for an extra dose of laughter with each of the following gender predictions

  • Dry skin means a boy, gentle skin means a girl
  • If your face got chubbier then it must be a girl
  • If you are hairier in pregnancy, a boy again
  • If you got swelling on nose it is a baby girl, otherwise a boy
  • You are carrying daddy’s princess if your hubby gets extra pounds of weight during your pregnancy
  • If your butts and legs got bigger in pregnancy it’s a boy, if legs remain toned it’s a baby girl


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