A Guide to Normal Delivery – Do’s and Don’ts

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Childbirth is a painful but the most natural procedure which a woman has to go through. The moms-to-be usually search about the pregnancy information and as it is equally important, the essentiality of what to do after pregnancy is also vital. A brief guide to take care of yourself after the normal delivery is all in here.

Things to Expect after Normal Delivery

  • Contraction of Uterus:

It will return to its pre-pregnancy size within the 2-6 weeks after delivery. You will be experiencing cramps. But your pregnancy fat won’t shrink back as well. It will take longer than you expect.

  • Heavy Vaginal Bleeding:

You will be expecting 2-3 days of heavy vaginal bleeding which is same to the heavy periods. This decreases gradually with the alteration of color from red to pink and then brown. You can expect spotting along with the first 4 weeks of delivery.

  • Vaginal Soreness:

Whether you had a normal delivery or an operation; you will have this soreness for some days or maybe a few weeks.

  • Urination:

Passing stool or urine can be painful.

The to do and avoid list after normal delivery

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Normal Delivery in water

Here is a quick insight of what to do and not to do after normal delivery:

The DO’S of Normal Delivery:

  • Sit on a padded ring or pillow.
  • Showering daily is essential.
  • Do not keep your sanitary pad more than 4 hours.
  • Move around but keep your pace slow.
  • Roll to your side before you get out of bed.
  • Let the doctor know if bleeding increases suddenly or it becomes a brighter shade of red.
  • Do not move constantly; lie down to relieve the pain and pressure.
  • Sit by keeping your back straight.
  • Pass out urine every 3-4 hours. Water intake should be good.
  • While passing out stool, lean forward. You can keep a clean tissue paper to keep on your stitches while you poop.
  • Take high fiber foods. This will lessen your urine or stool pain.
  • Check with your doctor within 6 weeks of baby birth.

Contact your doctor in case of fever or if your discharge gives away an intolerable odor.

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The DON’TS of Normal Delivery:

  • You are not permitted to swim until your bleeding stops completely.
  • You are not allowed to use tampons without having your post-natal checked with the doctor.
  • Don’t make abrupt movements and lift heavy objects.
  • Don’t give off pressure while you try to pass your stool.
  • Do not involve yourself into exercises or heavy workouts for at least 6-8 weeks after.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes.
  • Sex is not allowed until you have had your postnatal check.

The above mentioned do’s and don’ts after normal delivery are going to help you take care of yourself better than anyone else. It is you who will be looking after yourself the best in this regard. So, grab as much knowledge as you can and apply them to your routine after your normal delivery and so the life will become a lot easier.


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