Healthy Tips for Becoming a Fit Mom

fit mom and baby

You won’t get fit until you make it happen. Here are some quick tips to make you achieve your goal of becoming a fit mom to three boys or girls maybe?

  1. Selfies:

You might think I am gone crazy right? But hey, even if it’s the craziest trend, it will make you see the change easily. The first time, it seems awkward in your sports bra and shorts but do it again after a month and then after a month again. You will see the lost weight easily.

  1. Tell Yourself You Can be a Fit Mom:

Thoughts drive us and you just need to tell yourself that you are fit, strong and beautiful and you are going to avail your goal, you are gradually going to get there.

  1. Keep Your Environment Clean:

Whatever happens around your environment brings a great effect on you. so be focused, clean and organized. You can never be like this in a dirty place. So clean up!

  1. Set your Goals:

I am not talking about the long term goals-create your personal and physical goals daily and how you will be carrying the 24 hours to make you achieve them.

  1. Learn everything about your Heart:

Calculate your heartbeat in different conditions: resting, blood pressure and target heartbeat. You will notice that your heart will get better day by day.

  1. Metabolism:

By eating regularly and gaining healthy muscles, you can burn fat fast; thanks to better metabolism.

  1. Your Posture:

By fixing your posture, you will be strengthening your weak muscles. It does seem difficult in the beginning but after some trails, you will achieve the goal.

  1. Slow Beginning:

If you are taking 300 calories per day; drop it to 1200 maybe. You do not need to drop it down immensely as it will affect your body negatively and make you weaker.

  1. Go Raw:

Eating food raw that is in its natural state will help you gain more vitamins and healthier ingredients from it. Do not take processed foods.

  1. Notifications Off:

Make sure that you are not being disturbed by social media interruptions and losing time while you do your house chores. Stay focused.

  1. Be Prepared:

Spend some hours on the weekend to make and store food. Make it all “take and go” schedule for everyone so that you can focus on your aims.

  1. Family Schedule:

You need to create consistency and if your family gets into discipline as well, it will turn the entire environment in your favor.

  1. Reflection:

Speculate about your journey per week basis and try being honest about what you have gained. Get better solutions and make a good plan for yourself and execute it as well.

  1. Progress, not Perfection:

Don’t be harsh on your body as no one is perfect and won’t be. As long as you are trying your best to get the best; your progress will remain on the best track.

The above mentioned 14 tips are the most effective when it comes to becoming a fit mom. So grab them and set your routine and become the fit and smart mom amongst all your group fellows.


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