Homemade Pregnancy Test – How to Check Pregnancy at home?

homemade pregnancy test guide

Have you missed your period? Do you think you are pregnant? You definitely need a homemade pregnancy test to figure it out. Yes, you don’t particularly need those over the counter products to test if you are pregnant. You don’t also have to rush to get a lab test done for this purpose because it can be done at the comfort of your own home.

There are lots of ways you can perform the homemade pregnancy test, let’s have a look at the top 5:

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test with tooth paste


You are going to need plain white toothpaste. When urine will be added to the toothpaste, then it will either turn light blue in color or foam might start developing. If either of these reactions occurs, that is an indication of positive pregnancy. You don’t really have to be specific in the amount of toothpaste or urine to add. Just don’t leave the urine in the toothpaste for an extended period as it may turn into a forth.

Bleach Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test with bleach


A bleach pregnancy test is also considered as another homemade pregnancy test. Bleach is found in everyone’s home. You can use it for detecting pregnancy too. Pour a portion of bleach in a clean container and add the sample urine. If a chemical reaction occurs and foam emerges that means you are pregnant. If there is no chemical reaction, then the result is negative. 

Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test with pine-sol


Get a bottle of Pine-Sol from a nearby store and divide it into two 10 ml portions in two separate plastic cups. Now add urine to one portion and wait for 10 minutes. Compare the plastic cup with the one that does not contain urine. If the portion containing urine changes color, this is an indication that you are pregnant. It is a pretty easy homemade pregnancy test.

Vinegar Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test with vinegar


It is the cheapest homemade pregnancy test to perform. You will need a cup of white vinegar and you just have to add morning urine in it. Wait for the color to change If the color changes successfully, then it means the results are positive. You will not have to wait for a long time to see the change in color for this homemade pregnancy test.

Dandelion Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test with dandelion


It might sound weird but dandelion leaves were used by women from a long time ago as a natural herb. It is known as a common weed abundantly found in stores and gardens of course. Gather some dandelion leaves to perform this homemade pregnancy test. Make sure that the leaves are not kept in sunlight. Place them in a plastic container and add morning urine in the container. The leaves should soak into the urine thoroughly. Come back after 10 minutes and see if the color of the leaves has changed. You will see reddish blisters on the leaves, which is an indication that you are pregnant. Wait for more than 10 minutes even if no reaction has occurred for this homemade pregnancy test. If you feel that the leaves are not going to react then that means the result is negative.

The homemade pregnancy test results can be pretty fast but their accuracy is not guaranteed. That is merely because we don’t have any scientific data available that proves the accuracy of any of the homemade pregnancy test. If you leave the urine mixture for too long, the results might be misleading. Furthermore, there are no particular details about the quantity of the urine sample and product to be missed so in the end, you are just shooting the arrow blindly. It is not that homemade pregnancy test is just a myth, sometimes the hCG hormone production in the female is low which alters the results. This can happen even if you are using pregnancy strips to figure out if you are pregnant or not.

Watch the video to find out more about homemade pregnancy test.


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