How to be a Super Mom?

how to be a super mom laundary

Mothers all across the board work 24/7 unpaid, with no sick days or vacation, not to mention most days fly by without so much as a thank you. If you are like most mothers that could leave you feeling a bit run down but we all know that one Do-it-all mom with her superhero stamina and seemingly effortless beauty does everything. So how does she do it? Below are some tried and true tips to keep your strength up and you feeling like the radiant mother you are.

Love yourself being a mom

I know it may seem impossible with the kid’s constant needs and dishes, laundry, and work piling up around you, but the most important way to keep yourself feeling your best is by taking the time away you deserve. Many mothers may feel guilty about wanting to get away from your children, especially if you are a new mom. However, studies show women who take a little time off from being super mommy are actually better able to care for their children mentally.super mom time out

So go ahead and book that appointment with your hairdresser, have a mom only spa day, or at least set aside some time to shower every day. You would be surprised how far 20-30mins of alone time can do for you. 

Positive reinforcement

Most days you may feel like you are barely able to scrape by. Between the crying, stretchmarks and endless chores and errands to be done a lot of women find themselves caught in a rut of negative thoughts.

“I could have done more today.” “I am a bad mother for not cooking a real dinner.” “Why can’t I manage to get it together?” “My body will never be the same.” “I look so tired…”

Negativity can be your worst enemy coming from anyone, especially yourself. Research shows that an adverse outlook on the world can drain your mental energy making it harder to focus and everyday tasks seem more difficult. So instead of allowing this bad train of thought, look in the mirror and tell yourself what a beautiful and accomplished woman you are. And that nothing is too difficult for you to overcome. It may seem silly but you would be surprised what a few daily words of encouragement will do for you, inside and out.   

Fresh and newsuper mommy smile

Whether you are a first-time mom or seasoned professional chances are that most of your wardrobe probably contains is full of spit-up stained t-shirts and worn out comfy pants. Your hair is dull and unwashed and your nails are chipped or non-existent. Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you are no longer a woman. So every once in a while spoil yourself with a new outfit or a pair of heels. If you are feeling run down, spice things up with a cute new bra or sleepwear set. Even a new hair-do or nail color can do wonders for your self-esteem.    

Healthy body, Healthy mind

Eating right, regular exercise and spending time outdoors are a great way to keep you mentally and physically in top notch condition to take on those hectic days. Paying attention to what foods work best with your body can beat dieting and leave you with more energy. Taking up meditation or yoga can help ease stress and give you some time to reflect on what a wonderful job you are doing.

Remember that you are doing the hardest and most important job in the world, raising the human beings that hold our future in their tiny hands. So take a deep breath, smile and reward yourself; you have the strength to endure what few others can even imagine.  

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