How to Breastfeed the Right Way?

how to breastfeed properly

For new mothers, breastfeeding can be really uncomfortable. It is actually a process that will take some time to master. That’s why many mothers need to learn how to breastfeed. It takes practice for both the baby and the mother. Keep one thing in mind that the milk supply develops in response to the sucking of the baby. The more milk is removed, the more milk is made.

how to breastfeed the right way

How to Breastfeed appropriately?

Before learning how to breastfeed, it is important to take care of certain things. Firstly, you should start breastfeeding immediately after the birth. You can always ask the on-side lactation consultant to help you out.  According to the Women Health, you have to first bring your baby to the breast and help him/her in latching. Remember one thing, the latch should feel comfortable no matter how it looks. You might have to find a comfortable position if the pain continues to happen. Read a comprehensive breastfeeding guide.

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how to breastfeed latching

How to Position the Baby?

How to breastfeed is a common question asked by many mothers. So, there are some basic steps that a woman should follow for optimal position. LLLI has described these steps as follows:

  • You must position yourself comfortably by getting complete back support, resting your arms on the pillow and having your feet supported by the footrest.
  • The baby should be positioned closed to you and have his hips flexed. The mouth and nose of the baby should be positioned in a way that they face your nipple.
  • You may have to support your breast making sure that it is not touching the chin of the baby.
  • Now you will have to put some effort in attaching and latching the baby to your breast. Encourage the baby to open his mouth wide by pulling in close, supporting his back making his chin drive into the breast. The nose of the baby will be touching your breast.

In case you feel pain, just detach your baby slowly and try this again. To go beyond the basics, click here.

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how to breastfeed appropriately

Woman breastfeeding a baby

How to Make the Baby Latch?

NHS has some best tips for mothers about how to breastfeed too. Latching is surely not easy. That’s why it is recommended to hold the baby close to your nose level near the nipple. Now wait until the baby opens his mouth but make sure the tongue is down. Bring the baby near your breast. The baby might tilt his head and come to the breast chin first. You can stop that by supporting the neck of your baby instead of holding the back of the head. Your nipple should always go towards the roof of the baby’s mouth. Find more what NHS has to say about how to breastfeed. 

California Department of Public Health also has something to say about how to breastfeed. It is not just positioning and latching, you also have to know whether or not your baby is getting enough milk.  After all, breastfeeding is never easy, but as you get your hands on it, things will become comfortable.


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