How to Perform the Bleach Pregnancy Test?

bleach pregnancy test process

Bleach is known as the best cleaning substance. You can use it for a number of home remedies and a bleach pregnancy test is one of them. Yes, with bleach pregnancy test you can figure out if you are pregnant or not.

Now you might be wondering why anyone would need a bleach pregnancy test when over the counter pregnancy strips are available. There are some women who lack the time or don’t have resources to check if they are pregnant or not. This home based technique can serve as a blessing in disguise for such ladies. All you need is bleach and mix it with your urine. But how does the bleach pregnancy test tell the results? Read more to find out.

Perquisites For Testing

Before performing the test, there are some perquisites to follow. You will simply need a clean bowl, sample urine collected in the morning (first urine of the day) and bleach. Do not try to smell the reaction because it might be harmful. It is best to cover your mouth and nose with the mask while performing the bleach pregnancy test.

bleach pregnancy test definition

How to Perform the Bleach Pregnancy Test?

  • Add beach in a clean bowl and slowly start dropping a few drops of the urine sample into the bowl.
  • A chemical reaction will happen and the mixture will start changing. If you don’t see any change, then it means that the bleach pregnancy test result is negative. In case foam starts developing, it is an indication that the result is positive.

Are the Results Accurate?

Are bleach pregnancy test results always accurate? It usually takes 5 days for the fertilized egg to implant itself in the uterus. After this, the hCG harmony is produced. At the beginning, the at the production of hCG hormone might be less. Therefore, even if you have missed your period and you tried the bleach pregnancy test, but the result were negative, chances are the results are not accurate. You can try testing again after one week.

It literally takes a few minutes to perform the test. If the production of the hCG hormone in urine is high, then you will see positive results. After this, you can readily break the news among friends and family. There are possibilities that you might not be able to perform the bleach pregnancy test correctly on the first go, but you can always try again.

Here is a video for you to get an insight on how to perform bleach pregnancy test?

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