Implantation bleeding – What exactly is it?

implantation bleeding symptoms

Women by nature possess innate tendency to crave for baby and being pregnant. While actively trying to be pregnant most women remain watchful and worry about bleeding. Well, there is no rule of thumb that can declare that if you have got some bleeding near your menstrual cycle its period for sure. This spotting might be a long-awaited good news indicating about implantation of the embryo in the uterus. This phenomenon is termed as implantation bleeding. 1/4th pregnant ladies encounter some bleeding at various stages of pregnancy, most of them making their way to the labor room.

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Explaining implantation bleeding in simple words

Light bloody show or spotting occurring due to attachment of the embryo to uterus lining is termed as implantation bleeding. The quantity of blood flow is much lesser in implantation bleeding as compared to regular menstrual cycle. Women frequently observe the occurrence of implantation bleeding near their actual period date. This is due to the reason that implantation usually occurs somewhere between 6-12 days once the conception has occurred.

After fertilization of an egg with sperm, the blastocyst is formed. It is actually a cluster of cells that will transform into an embryo and ultimately into a baby. However, it needs a suitable site to implant and grows in the uterus. Since uterus is the best place to nourish and nurture implanted blastocyst, it is most likely that light bleeding may trigger as a result of slight disruption in uterus lining.

implantation bleeding red tissue

Color of bloody show

Women may experience from pink streaked water to dark red blood spots. Also, a brown color blood can be seen in the morning while peeing or on the pads. This is mainly due to stale blood that remained in vagina or cervix for a couple of hours.

Experiencing cramps like in periods

A nagging abdominal pain or slight pain can be experienced during implantation bleeding. Numbness in limbs and lethargy are also very common symptoms. In all such situations, it is strongly advised to avoid over exertion and take rest.

implantation bleeding cramps

You can be pregnant even if you have negative pregnancy test

It is really a frustrating moment for women trying to conceive and get a slight bloody show. Urine strip test is normally carried out at home to confirm pregnancy. Actually, HCG hormone that is a significant pregnancy indicator is only released after embryo implantation and early placental development. Fertilization occurs before embryo embeds in the uterus so you still hold a chance to be pregnant even strip test is negative. The time lag between implantation bleeding and HCG+ test many times contribute in failing to determine the exact due date.

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implantation bleeding test

Should women worry?

Really not! Implantation bleeding vanishes in one or two days. So, it is advised to stay relaxed and not to over stress yourself. Women are blessed with instincts to judge whether they are pregnant or not. If still confused they can go for an ultrasound that is the most accurate test for pregnancy. Normally an underwear is sufficient in implantation bleeding. But, wearing a panty liner or pad keeps women more confident and carefree, however, it is not necessary.

Quick recap of implantation bleeding

  • Characterized by light blood flow or slight spotting
  • May be regarded as an early pregnancy sign
  • Implantation bleeding might be overlooked thinking it as a light period
  • Generally, no medicine is required for treatment
  • Seek immediate medical help if any vaginal bleeding occurs during pregnancy.

Please note that some women may really not notice any sort of bleeding after embryo implantation. Also, even you encounter spotting or missed period that means you are pregnant. In this article, mostly we have discussed things that occur generally, however, exceptional situations may also occur.


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