Lose Weight – How To Get Your Body Back After Birth

lose weight fast

During pregnancy a woman goes through countless mental, physical, and emotional changes; but once the delivery is over and done with and you have happily settled down with your new bundle of joy it’s easy sailing from here right? Not exactly…Between the newborn’s needs, sleep, and household duties who has time to get back into their workout regimen to lose weight? Hang in there mommy, there are some simple ways to lose weight and feel great about yourself in no time at all.


Dieting too soon after delivery is not the best idea to lose weight as your body needs all the nutrients and calories it can get to help heal it. If you are breastfeeding you would actually need to eat more in order to keep up your milk supply. Try and keep your intake at the very least at 1500 a day; 1900 if you are feeding a baby.

lose weight after deliveryBreastfeeding

Don’t worry too much about those extra calories needed to produce milk as breastfeeding is actually one of the best ways to help lose weight, not to mention help shrink your uterus and stomach back down to size.

Eating Often

While eagerness to lose weight may have you tempted to eat less, even skipping a meal here and there could actually have an adverse effect on your body. Many studies have concluded that eating smaller portions more frequently speeds up your metabolism allowing you to lose weight faster and keep it off more effectively.  

lose weight after delivery


It may seem impossible with a newborn, however getting as much rest as possible is a good way to assure you have enough energy to take on your day. Recent studies have also shown that it greatly decreases post-partum depression putting you in a better state of mind with more willingness to exercise and leading to healthier eating habits.

Nutrient rich foods to Lose Weight

Eating the right foods will also help with energy levels and slimming down. If you are nursing it will also produce better food for baby. Fish is a great option that is light in fat content but contains fatty acids and DHA that aid your infants’ brain and nervous system. (Be aware that tuna can carry high volumes of mercury so always look into where it comes from.) Milk and yogurt are also a good choice for calcium and lots of proteins such as chicken and beans.

lose weight postpartum


Drinking water is an essential part of staying fit. It keeps things moving in your digestive tract, fills your stomach to prevent the intake of large portions and may even speed metabolism.


Of course exercise! Take it easy at first and don’t only focus on burning fat but also gaining and strengthening your muscles as pregnancy and birth can leave you feeling weak and depleted. It is also a great way to release some stress and escape the house for a quick break.

Keep in mind that you should not be in such a rush to force yourself back into those pre-baby jeans that you end up pushing yourself too hard and sacrifice your health. Doctors and specialists state that if you try to lose weight fast you could put you and your baby at major risk. Find what healthy methods work best for you and your baby and don’t expect too much from yourself to lose weight, after all, you just gave birth. 


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