Losing Mucus Plug – An Indication of Labor Onset

mucus plug bloody show

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions yet an exciting experience. First-time mommies primarily remain conscious about every stage they face while progressing towards their big day. The release of Mucus plug is one such event indicating that soon you will be having a baby in your arms.  So in this piece of writing it is our aim to enlighten charming mommies about the basics of this phenomenon.

What is Mucus Plug?

It is basically a firm barrier established between cervix and vagina. Its main function is to keep the inside baby protected from pathogenic invasion. Cervical glands contribute towards mucus plug formation. Progestin and estrogen are the active hormones regulating cervical glands secretion.

mucus plug diagram

What is the color?

Color may differ from women to women. The possible acceptable range is from yellowish white to pink streaked white discharge. However, if mucus plug turns bright red it means a greater ratio of blood is coupling with normal mucus. You should seek medical help as soon as possible in this case. Pregnant women are advised to remain watchful about color and texture of pregnancy discharge.

mucus plug color

What is meant by the ejaculation of Mucus Plug?

Losing Mucus plug is amongst one of the indicators of labor onset. It may be released several days prior to actual labor contractions. Sometimes it is released only a few hours before labor followed by labor contractions and water break. In each case losing this barrier means that the body has started preparation to deliver baby and cervix has started ripening. Cervix opening is followed by stages of baby dropping and settling in the pelvic area. In all such body preparations, the tight barrier fails to retain firmly between cervix and vagina and begin to loosen. It may be expelled at once or it may continue as a slow release.

Normal timing for release

It is perfectly normal for a pregnant mommy to release Mucus plug somewhere between 37-42 weeks. However, in the case of early loss, it is strongly advised to report consulting Gynecologist or midwife in order to avoid any associated risk. Losing it prior to safe time may trigger premature birth or cause Placenta Previa. Normally, there is nothing to worry about as female body is naturally capable of replenishing Mucus plug. However, losing excess quantity needs serious attention.

mucus plug release timing

How does it feel when you lose Mucus Plug?

There is no crisp answer to this question. For some women, this stage completely goes unnoticed if it is released while bathing or peeing, while some women reported slight pain just like in menstrual cramps.

Final words

Sooner or later every pregnant woman has to face release of Mucus plug. However, no definite rules exist about how you will feel, the exact timing of losing and its color. Exercising vigilance is mandatory to avoid any negligence that may impact both mom and the baby. Reading as many resources as possible is a brilliant idea to prepare women psychologically for the upcoming big day. 


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