Are Low-cost Breast Pumps Meant for Every Mother?

low-cost breast pumps for every woman

If you are a new mother, you would already be aware of the benefits of breastfeeding. Speaking of breastfeeding, how can we forget about the low-cost breast pumps. They can surely be a great tool when needed. However, one thing is certain, not every mother needs a pump. If you really want to express your milk, a manual expression is the best option.

Who needs a breast pump?

Before you go buying the low-cost breast pumps, it is important to find out whether you need it or not. Have a look at the reasons to figure that out:

  • When your baby is not nursing well or in some situation not nursing at all. The quality of the pump will help you in maintaining the supply of milk.
  • When you need to rejoin your job and you want to provide natural supply of milk to your baby

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low-cost breast pumps brands

Which Breast Pump to Choose?

In case you have decided to get those low-cost breast pumps, you must know which one would be best for you depending on your need. If the baby is not nursing well, you would need hospital grade pump. It is a great choice for building as well as maintaining the milk supply. If this one is not available, look for the one that offers the best pumping quality. On the other hand, if the breastfeeding is going well and you need a breast pump for occasional use like when being separate from your baby, you can choose a manual or electric breast pump.

There are lots of ladies who are pregnant but they have one question in their head i.e. if they need a breast pump or not. It is recommended to relax and just wait till your baby is born. You will realize whether you need one or not when you actually start breastfeeding.

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Low-cost breast pumps are not always recommended for engorgement. Some ladies do not need breast pumps to reduce the engorgement as there are better alternatives available to deal with it. If you are pumping when engorged, remember one thing that the breast tissues can be easily damaged. Hence, it is recommended to avoid excessive pumping. Hand expression can be helpful when the mother is engorged.

In short, we must say that it is not always necessary to use low-cost breast pumps, but if they are available, you can readily use them for your breast pumping needs. Sometimes, they can be a blessing in disguise if you have to be away from your baby due to work or any other reason. With such a huge variety of low-cost breast pumps available these days, don’t make the mistake of buying one without doing proper homework. Pick the one that meets your plan best and then feed your baby with a wholesome supply of milk.



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