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can you get a tattoo while pregnant

Can You Get a Tattoo while Pregnant?

Can You Get a Tattoo while Pregnant?

Have you just remembered the special time in your life when you got a tattoo? Are you eager to get another one to serve as a reminder for your first baby? Wondering Can you get a tattoo while pregnant? You have landed at the right place then. We are going to explore everything about getting

whooping cough during pregnancy

Whooping Cough – Should You Get Vaccination During Pregnancy?

Also known as pertussis, whooping cough is a bacterial infection that may lead to the death of some infants. TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) is a vaccine that many doctors are urging their pregnant patients to receive before the baby’s birth. In adults, pertussis causes a very persistent cough lasting as many as 100 days.

lose weight fast

Lose Weight – How To Get Your Body Back After Birth

During pregnancy a woman goes through countless mental, physical, and emotional changes; but once the delivery is over and done with and you have happily settled down with your new bundle of joy it’s easy sailing from here right? Not exactly…Between the newborn’s needs, sleep, and household duties who has time to get back into