Negative Pregnancy Test – What are the Common Causes?

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For couples who are excited to increase their family, seeing negative pregnancy test result can be disappointing. Wait, chances are that you just got a false negative pregnancy test result. Yes, this has happened with many and you may be one of them!

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Causes of False Negative Pregnancy Test

There are certain factors that may cause false results to appear. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Testing too Early: If the production of hCG hormone is low in the beginning, chances are the traces won’t appear in the urine and you would get a false negative result. It is recommended to wait until you actually miss your period.
  • Missing the Directions: This is not too common of a cause but if you haven’t followed the directions right, the results can be unreliable. Wetting the strip for too little or too long can alter the results.
  • Reading the Results at Wrong Time: If you read the results too early, you might miss positive result. Remember one thing, the changes seen in the test after the time frame outlined in the instructions are always invalid.
  • Miscalculated Period: If you miscalculate your period, you will surely get a negative pregnancy test. If your partner has healthy sperm, you have three days window period to get pregnant during the ovulation time. It may be the cause that you ovulated but the conception occurred after a few days. If you don’t remember the date of your last period, it is recommended to wait and test again.

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Missed Period but Negative Pregnancy Test

It can be really confusing for a woman if she has missed her period and she still sees negative pregnancy test result. It does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant because there can be many causes of missed period. For ladies with irregular cycle, late or missed period is a part of the normal pattern. There are some factors that can influence your period cycle like anxiety, sleeplessness, and stress. Extensive stress can affect the hormonal balance and delay the ovulation. In such a situation, you will get negative pregnancy test result.

If the result was negative but you are still pregnant, then you will find out about it with the pregnancy symptoms pretty soon. To reconfirm, you can also go for blood test and find out whether the negative pregnancy test result was true or false. It is always best to see a doctor to find out about the negative pregnancy test and learn the truth.


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