Popular Baby Names for Your Newborn Baby Girl

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There is no one in this world that could ever deny the fact that every baby is precious to their parents. Parents get more joy on the birth of a baby girl. Parents make sure that they dedicate their lives to their little ones. They provide their babies with what is best for them. They care for them. When we first hear about the big news, the number one question that pops into our minds is “What name should we give to our baby?” If you are expected to have a baby girl, then following are some newborn baby girl names that you must consider:

Newborn Baby Girl

Newborn Baby Girl Names

  • Aphrodite: To those who are a huge fan of the Greek culture, this name can be one of the best choices they can ever opt for. Aphrodite is the name of a Greek Goddess of love and beauty. However, in Roman culture, Aphrodite is considered to be a Venus. But, in Norse culture, another name of a Goddess that is considered to as the most beautiful among all of the goddesses is Freya, variations include Freia, Freyia, and Freja.
  • Audrey: The healthiest name in Hollywood for a newborn baby girl is Audrey. It has gained popularity because of the Belgian-born actress, Audrey Hepburn. Apart from this, Audrey Hepburn is a famous movie star who has gotten popularity because of being a fashion icon and a very famous humanitarian.
  • Belle: Everyone knows who Belle is. The meaning of the name “Belle” is “beautiful”. This name has gotten fame because it is the name of the leading princesses of Disney from the classic tale “Beauty and the Beast”. In Latin, Bella and Belinda also mean beautiful. On the other hand, in Greek, Kallista and variations like Callista and Callie-means “the prettiest and the fairest of them all”. Mirabella is also a very wonderful name to choose for newborn baby girl. It is an Italian name which means “wondrous and lovely.”
  • Dayanara: You might all remember that Dayanara is the name of the grand prize winner of Miss Universe in 1993. Ever since then, this name has gained a lot of publicity. It is considered to be the best name in all of the pageant aficionados. There are also some other beauty names that include Riyo (from Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007), Dayana (2008), and Stefania (2009). All of these gorgeous names can be picked for your newborn baby girl.
  • Emma: The meaning of the name “Emma” is “All-embracing.” This name also includes Emmie and Emmett.
  • Isabella: The name itself sounds so sweet and the meaning is “dedicated to the holiness of God.” However, in Spanish, it is said to be the middle name of Elizabeth. Other names related to Isabella are Elizabeth and Eliza.
  • Natalie: Natalie is related to Natividad, and it means “a child born in Christmas.” Other names related to Natalie are Natalia and Natasha. There are lots of famous celebrities, actresses, and singers that are named after this famous newborn baby girl name.

With so many choices to confuse you, just pick a newborn baby girl name according to her personality. 


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