Newborn Clothes – 7 Great Ideas to Consider

different types of newborn clothes

Babies are so adorable and not to mention, buying baby clothes is even cuter. It is hard to find the right newborn clothes for your little one. But, with the right amount of info you can totally nail it. You need to shop wisely for your baby so he/she does not outgrow clothes before even wearing them.

There are lots of parents that give hand-me-downs and baby clothes as shower gifts to their babies. Parents don’t really want to invest money in buying too many clothes in the very first go.

If you have no idea if your baby is going to be a boy or a girl then make sure to buy the kind of clothes that will be suitable for a boy or a girl. Also, try to choose cute colors for your baby and not sharp ones.

newborn clothes for cute baby

Newborn clothes ideas for baby boys and baby girls

  • Undershirts: Undershirts can look good even with long sleeves or short sleeves. Undershirts that snap or tie on the side are easier to put on a small baby than those that pull over the head. It is better to buy undershirts because they are comfortable than onesies until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off.
  • Onesies: Onesies are considered to be the staple of a baby’s wardrobe. They are one piece cotton and available in long and short sleeves.
  • Infant gowns: The long gowns that close at the bottom play a huge role in keeping the feet of your baby warm and make the diaper be changed easily. There are some gowns that have mittens attached to protect your baby from scratching herself/himself.
  • Stretch suits/Sleepers: Anything that is stretchable is comfortable for the baby to wear. You need to make sure that every cloth you buy for your baby is stretchable and easy to fit into. Babies grow fast and they need something that they can fit into easily. Such newborn clothes help to keep your baby cozy and warm.
  • Booties/socks: Also, you might want to buy socks and booties for your baby. But, they should be loose enough to let your baby wiggle his/her toes in them. The ones that come with an elastic band at the cuff are more likely to stay on kicking little feet. Just remember, shoes are made for walking. Shoes are not necessary for your baby because he/she can’t walk now. They can hinder the growth of the feet.
  • Hats/caps/bonnets: The best thing that can complete the look of a newborn is soft hat or a bonnet. You need to make sure that the hat or the bonnet does not upset the baby. It should be comfortable for your baby. Also make sure that it does not keep falling otherwise such newborn clothes can get uncomfortable.
  • Sweaters or blanket sleepers: Blankets and sweaters are necessary for your baby. For a newborn, it is important to keep the baby warm as possible. The more you care, the less problems you face for your baby.

Keeping all these great ideas in mind, we hope that you will buy the best newborn clothes. Just make sure what you really need for your baby.