Newborn Photography – Tips to Capture the Great Moments

newborn photography tips

For new parents, one of the most exciting things is making memories of the adorable looks of their baby. All thanks to professional newborn photography, these moments can be preserved. The days of a newborn are extremely precious but there is no doubt they are quite fleeting too.

You would surely want to create beautiful images of your baby right? But how can you make this experience enjoyable for not just you but the baby too? How are you going to handle the baby and how is the photographer going to capture all the adorable phases of your baby that you want to preserve? Worry not, we are here with some tips to help you make the most out of the newborn photography experience:

Pace yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You have already gone through a lot of pain and stress. Give yourself some time to recover. You might have heard that the first 2 weeks are the best time for photography but if you have hired the best photographer in town, even if your baby is one-month-old, you can still get the best out of him/her. The truth is, once you are paced, you will have a variety of sweet moments to capture.

newborn photography images

Make the most out of the lighting

Improper lighting can be a drawback if you are looking for the best images. Professionals love to use natural light. It can be used for adding soft shadows and highlights. The more dramatic lighting there is, the more amazing quality and effects can be created. Professionals know how to have fun by playing with different perspectives and angles.

Make the baby sleep well

The shooting area should always be warm for the baby. You have to make sure your baby is sleeping so, have a soothing sound playing in the shooting room. It is recommended to keep the baby’s belly full so that he does not wake up crying with hunger during the shoot. Babies are often lazy in the morning hours. So, keep the shooting scheduled between breakfast and lunch. That’s the best time for newborn photography for most babies.

Don’t forget the baby’s safety

The safety of the baby should be your top most priority. Don’t use too many props or make a difficult pose. Newborn photography is more simple as it involves natural posing. The difficult poses that you often see on the internet are actually composite images. They are not created in a single shot.

Tiny little details for Newborn Photography

The best things are the sweet tiny details that make each baby unique. Rosebud lips, cute cheeks, tiny fingers, and toes are some of the details you don’t want to miss. Professionals use a macro lens for capturing such details, letting you preserve those cute little memories.

Professionals know how to take images without repositioning the baby again and again. It is recommended to arrange a meeting with your photographer to explain to him what you expect from the photography.  You might also get your hands on the secrets for best images. You will surely be on your way of capturing the very best! 


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