The Real Deal Behind Newborn Sneezing

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For new parents, everything about their baby is overwhelming. They try to make sure that the baby gets extra attention and care and so they don’t leave him alone for even a while. They want to make sure they know when their baby is acting normal and when is something with him/her. Whether it is a sound, sniffle or sneeze, you would stop and wonder if there is something wrong with your baby. The very thing parents worry about is newborn sneezing. Why is the baby sneezing so many times? Has the baby caught cold? Don’t worry; we are here with the bunch of information for all parents regarding newborn sneezing.

newborn sneezing

Causes of Newborn Sneezing

Let’s begin with the causes. First thing is first, sneezing is a good thing. It is an indication that your baby’s nervous system is working fine. According to Cleveland Clinic, it is common for the newborns to sneeze more than often. It is the same reflex as adults.

Sneezing does not mean that your baby is getting a cold. They sneeze a lot because they have to. The nasal passage of a newborn is smaller than that of an adult and hence, they have to clear their noses more often than adults. The baby will sneeze to get rid of smoke, dust bunnies or even breast milk. Leaning back and drinking milk all the day long can make the nasal passage quite irritated. That’s why newborn sneezing occurs more than usual.

What’s More to it?

Babies sneeze because it is a part of the natural defense system against germs. The little immune system has to work very hard to protect itself from the cruel environment around. Sneezing helps in clearing out the germs and other particles that might get into the body of the baby through nasal passages.

Do you know that there is a study which explains that newborn sneezing can be a sign that the infant is seeing probably? Interesting, isn’t it? It is crazy how we parents start worrying about something which is actually a blessing!

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When is Sneezing Troublesome?

Newborn sneezing is not always a healthy indication. You have to watch out for the signs to figure out if something is wrong. For example, it can be an indication of NAS i.e. Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. The baby will show symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, abnormal nipple latch, and tremor along with sneezing.

Allergic rhinitis can also be the cause of unusual sneezing. It is a kind of hay fever that is caused by substances in the air which generate an allergic response. Watch out because animal hair, insect bites and dust as they can generate such responses. If you have a pet in the house, don’t let it play with your newborn too closely otherwise things can get messy.

Other than this, frequent sneezing can be a sign of infection too. Your baby might be facing trouble in breathing, having a fever, refusing to feed, coughing. If that is the case, check the temperature of your infant and rush to the pediatrician. 


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