Parenting Tips for the New Generation

parenting tips with parents

As parents, we are faced with constant self-doubt on a daily basis. Especially for new parents, it is difficult not to second guess yourself and wonder if you are doing the right thing. You are not alone! Parenting is a lifelong learning process no matter how old you are and no matter what your background. The parenting tips listed below will help to reassure that you’re on the right path or provide that much needed second opinion.

Setting Goals and Boundaries

At the height of exhaustion that comes with being a parent 24/7, it is sometimes difficult to remember that your children will one day be grown. Even though it is easier to do everything for them it won’t teach them the much-needed responsibilities for the road ahead. Giving your child a clear outline of what is expected of them will help to get rid of the confusion which means less frustration for you both. Write down a list of “If and Then’s” such as: “If you clean your room, then you may play outside.” This will establish a sense of ownership and rewards for accomplishing their set goals.

On the other hand, it is a daily part of growing up to test the waters. This essential tool teaches them how to react in certain situations by exemplifying acceptable behaviors. Setting boundaries and making sure you follow them will give your children a solid foundation to build themselves up on.

Practice Patience

If you are constantly losing your temper it may lead your child to believe that you are not in control of the situation. This could cause them to feel insecure and may result in the development of low self-esteem. Think about how you would feel if you got the most important job of your life; but your only mentor never seemed to know what was going on and was always getting upset, yelling and throwing things. How well do you think you would learn from them? Be a good role model for your children. The better you can control your words and actions, the more likely they are to control theirs, allowing them to grow with confidence.

Avoid Setting the Bar Too High

As parents, of course, we want our children to have the better than we had. However, we can’t allow our own regrets to rub off on our children. Don’t look down on yourself instead make sure to use positive verbs when speaking about what you see as past mistakes. We can teach them to have a healthier outlook on themselves and others by letting them know that failure is not the end of the world and can be seen from a more optimistic standpoint.

Caring for Yourself

It may seem after taking care of your family that there isn’t enough time left in the day for you. But making time for you is actually a great way to teach your children self-respect; as well as giving yourself a break. Spreading yourself too thin can leave you feeling tired, irritable and underappreciated. Believe it or not, this can influence your child’s self-esteem. It is important for them to witness you following your dreams and taking the time to be yourself. If you never give up they are more likely to succeed as well. Giving yourself that much earned time to relax and recuperate will, in turn, show them how to care for themselves.  

Keep in mind; even though it may seem like it, you are not alone. There are millions of other parents out there at this very moment going through the same struggles as you are. Take pride in your work, even if your children can’t thank you yet, know that they love you unconditionally. I hope the above-mentioned parenting tips will become handy for you if you follow them wisely and keep the small things in mind.     

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