Surprising Benefits of Using Peanut Ball During Labor

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If you are an expecting mother, then you must know what Peanut Ball is. It is a therapy ball or in other words, an exercise ball shaped like a peanut which is slightly narrow in the middle and oblong shaped. It can be used for a number of strength training exercises and physical therapies, especially for laboring women. Read on to find out more.

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Peanut Ball as a Birth Tool

It is mostly used when the mom needs to remain in the bed because of pregnancy complications, epidural use or simply if she feels exhausted. It is placed between the legs of the laboring woman so that the outlet can be opened to her pelvis and she feels relaxed meanwhile.

There is not enough research on Peanut ball in childbirth, however, there is a study which is offering compelling suggestions and explaining its use for reducing the labor time. According to a research done by Tussy and Botsios, the use of Peanut ball during labor for the patient having epidural can significantly reduce the labor length as compared to those with the standard nursing intervention. The best thing is that it does not cause any adverse neonatal outcomes.

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How is the Peanut ball used?

There are two primary ways in which it can be used. Let’s learn about them. First when the mother is in semi-reclined position having one leg on the ball and the other on the side of the ball. The nurse pushes it close to the hips of the mother according to her tolerance level. This position promotes dilation and descent when the baby is in the right position. The second way is when the mother is lying on the side or in semi-prone position and the peanut ball is used for lifting the upper leg, opening the pelvic outlet. Many experts feel that this position helps in rotating the baby in a less-favorable position for the delivery.

A quick tutorial on using a peanut ball during delivery. Brought to you by Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines.

Use of Peanut Ball and the Nurse’s Perspective

A nurse at the University of Utah Hospital worked with mothers for whom peanut ball was used during labor in two different hostiles in her nursing career. She says that the ball was mostly used in the side lying position to reduce the labor time. Most of the patients were accepting towards the use of the ball and they found it to be highly comfortable. This ball had been really beneficial for the mothers who were unable to change their positions often. There were some providers who had been reluctant towards the use of the peanut ball but now as they have gained experience, their views are changing.

It is highly recommended for women to learn about the use of peanut ball before they actually go into labor. You might make your labor easy with this birth tool in ways you never knew existed.


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