Pre-term Labor – Are Short Women at Higher Risk?

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With the many factors that could contribute to your baby being born early, who would have guessed that your height could be one of them? A recent study discovered that how tall you are could relate the length of your pregnancy as well as the size of your newborn. The information listed below will help you determine if you are at the risk of pre-term labor.

Pre-Term Labor – Why is it Dangerous?

pre-term healthBabies being born before reaching 37 weeks gestation are the leading cause of newborn deaths in the US. It can also cause complication and very small under-developed infants. Therefore, it is important to allow as much time in mommy’s tummy as possible to ensure that they are able to function properly in the outside world.

Chances you will deliver early?

Although the reasoning is not yet known, researchers found that shorter women did show signs of shorter pregnancies and tiny babies. It is thought to be largely attributed to the genes carried by the mother. Genetics transferred through the mother had a direct correlation with the weight and size of the baby at birth.

Do not panic just yet if you happen to be a petite woman expecting a child. The studies so far state that height is only a portion of contributing reasons. The mother’s surroundings also play a large role if they will deliver early, as well as her nutritional behaviors throughout her lifetime. It was discovered that the environment inside the womb was more likely to define the stretch of the pregnancy itself.   

Though it is important to maintain healthy mental and physical habits before and after entering any pregnancy, it is said to be most vital if you fall into the shorter category. Keeping your surroundings as stress-free as possible can also assist you on your way.

 Pre-Term Essential CareHere are a few other things concerning women 5’3 and under:

Natural vaginal delivery – If you have not had any previous complications with your pregnancy, there is no reason you will have any problems delivering normally regardless of your physical size.

Multiple babies – There is a slightly higher risk for pre-term labor when carrying twins or triplets. However, it has little or nothing to do with your height.

Having a short cervix – Doctors do see women with a short cervix to be at higher risk for pre-term labor as the lower part of the uterus will normally shrink when you prepare to give birth. Having a shorter part of the vagina means that there is less length causing the onset of pre-term labor. A woman of any size could have a short cervix and it is not exclusive to small females.

There are still countless women of shorter stature that have normal and even large newborns. So don’t stress yourself unnecessarily, if you are 5’3 or below. Future study is still needed to define other factors of pre-term labor as researchers have yet to gather enough information to conclude why this could be happening. If you are still worried about the risks, talk to your doctor regarding your concerns. They have got all the information needed to ensure that you are going to have a smooth pregnancy and healthy delivery.   


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