Pregnancy Discharge – What are the Different Kinds?

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Once you become pregnant, get ready to see changes in your body. The very first change that you will notice is the pregnancy discharge also known as the vaginal discharge. On seeing this, you will start wondering if everything is ok or is that supposed to happen. Don’t worry; we are here to answer your concerns about the pregnancy discharge.

What is Pregnancy Discharge?

The normal kind of discharge during pregnancy is known as leukorrhea. It is a thin milky white substance that has a mild smell. It is normal. So, don’t worry. This happens because of increased production of estrogen and improved flow of blood in the vaginal area. The vaginal discharge might increase as you approach labor but it will be different from the kind that you had experienced before.

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Kinds of Pregnancy Discharges

  • Spotting

Don’t get scared by bleeding during pregnancy. It is the kind of pregnancy discharge that happens in the first trimester or even during the late pregnancy months. This is caused by the implantation bleeding or because of cervical irritation. If you experience spotting in the later stage of pregnancy, it means an extra volume of blood is flowing around the vaginal area. It is also a sign that labor is on its way.

  • Running water

If you experience large pregnancy discharge, chances are the water bag has broken. When you feel water running down your leg, you must let see your practitioner immediately and get some tests done. In case it is a random wet spot, it is normal; you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Yeast Infection

If the discharge is yellowish or white or it assemblies cottage cheese, it might be the yeast infection, not a pregnancy discharge. One of its symptoms is that it makes your vagina itch badly. Remember one thing, yeast lives in the vagina all the time but during pregnancy, the yeast gets perfect conditions for breeding.

Watch out for abnormal discharge

The pregnancy discharge can be abnormal too and you need to watch out for it. Such discharge can be gray, yellow or green in color. It has a strong odor and it is accompanied by redness, itching or vulvar swelling. This discharge can also occur due to STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). If you believe you have it, let your doctor know before it reaches your baby. You can prevent yourself from yeast infection by wearing loose and breathable clothes. Prefer wearing cotton underwear. Exercising, swimming and showering can make your genitals sweaty. This sweat can make the bacteria grow. So, it is suggested to dry your genitals properly.

In short, all expecting ladies should know when and when not to call a doctor whenever they experience any kind of discharge. Simply keep an eye on the changes to the pregnancy discharge and its characteristics to stay safe.


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