Pregnancy Pillow- Get the Comfort When You Are Most Uncomfortable

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Being a mommy is not an easy job. As pregnancy progresses and women add further pounds, sleeping becomes really uncomfortable with bulging bump. Initial and last trimester are not less than a nightmare when struggling for right sleeping position. Even after childbirth, the laborious job does not end, rather it further increases. Dedicated lactating moms really crave for a good sound sleep for even a few minutes while taking care of a baby. Deep sleep can recuperate some energy levels and pregnancy pillow is the first and the last resort in such an instance. It is made with soft polyester, cotton or feather filling with a soft cloth cover. This pillow is mostly coated with a light fragrance that will help you to have a calm sleep.

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Benefits of Maternity Pillows

  • An appropriate posture for belly is facilitated with a pregnancy pillow. This not only keeps mother comfy but also promotes improved blood circulation from mother to fetus. This active blood flow plays a key role in nourishment and proper development of the baby.
  • Removes tiredness thereby helping in conserving energy levels
  • Appropriate blood circulation keeps the mother fit and healthy
  • Maintains healthy posture while breastfeeding and offers sufficient support
  • In addition to nursing people with special needs like spine and neck pain reported great improvement in their condition when using a nursing pillow

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Shapes of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillow comes in different shapes and sizes supporting different postures. C, U, L and V are the common shapes you can find while exploring a pillow. Prime motive of either of them remains same i.e. provision of most needed comfort. Shape and softness of pillow will help you to lay easily, change side without difficulty, put under your back during lactation or during a backache. .You will feel reduced burden from your backbone while rolling to another side. Try to pinpoint the root cause of your pains and aches and then proceed the purchase of appropriately shaping pregnancy pillow.

  • Curved, full length or adult pregnancy pillow is mostly recommended for overall body aches and pains
  • Smaller pregnancy pillows or wedge-shaped pillows work well when pain is restricted to one or two sites such as between your knees or underbelly

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Washing a pregnancy pillow

Don’t panic if while resting on a pregnancy pillow you stained it. It is made with the washable material. It must be washed at 40 degrees in the machine or by hand.

Tips While Buying a Pregnancy Pillow

  • Although all pregnancy pillows are made to give you a comfortable posture but due to the material or filling some pillows may not suit you. Pain and stress are the part and parcel of pregnancy. By the end of 7th and 8th month, a sharp inclination in pain is experienced by the majority of women. Neck, shoulder, back, lower abdomen and legs are the most reported pain sites. For that matter, U-shaped pregnancy pillow with soft clothing can work wonders for you.
  • You should read carefully on product packing about the filling of a maternity pillow or simply ask your dealer. It is strongly recommended by gynecologists to avoid animal feather filling especially during pregnancy. It may cause allergy and skin rash.
  • Ensure the durability of a pregnancy pillow. It should be firm enough to sustain your body weight and remain stable for months.

Is a Pregnancy Pillow Worth it?

Watch the video below to find out more.

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