Top 7 Pregnancy Quiz Questions You Must Read

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If you are in an active physical relation with your mate without any contraceptive measure you can conceive at any time. Sooner or later you will be looking for a pregnancy quiz to resolve the mystery whether you are pregnant or not. Bear in mind that the strip test carried at home may show pregnancy signs with a delay. This is due to the reason that HCG hormone may need a certain time to show up in urine.

pregnancy quiz questions

Time to take Pregnancy quiz

Let’s take a ride to pregnancy quiz questions to make an estimated guess about pregnancy.

  • Have you been engaged in sexual activity with your partner?

You can’t be pregnant if you don’t have sex with your partner for more than a month. However, if you had intercourse a month before and then experienced slight spotting, then it may be implantation bleeding.

  • Have you missed the period?

Missing a period is normally considered as an early pregnancy sign. However, this symptom can also be triggered by any disease or physical disorder. Its standalone does not confirm pregnancy. You need to check other pregnancy quiz questions to ascertain the probability of being pregnant.

  • Are you using any sort of contraceptive?

IUD’s are thought to be the most effective method of contraception. Also, note that early months of oral contraceptives and IUD’s may cause a delay in period.

  • Do you feel sore nipples and tender breast?

This is a frequently asked pregnancy quiz question because pregnancy will physically affect size and color of the areola. Increased soreness, heavy breast, and dark areola account for early pregnancy symptoms.

  • Do you feel dizzy and low?

A fall in blood pressure is normally experienced by expecting moms due to drain on her own essential nutrients. Developing fetus withdraws minerals, vitamins, sugar and oxygen from the mother. This may result in fainting or dizziness of mother.

  • The increase in the urge to urinate?

During pregnancy the amount of released liquid in body increases. So frequent washroom trips can bring a bunch of good news for you.

  • Do you feel Morning sickness?

Normally, this symptom shows 4-6 weeks after conception and is not regarded as early pregnancy indicator.

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