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sore nipples treatment

Causes and Treatment for Sore Nipples due to Breastfeeding

Causes and Treatment for Sore Nipples due to Breastfeeding

If you are a new breastfeeding mom that means you will have to deal with sore nipples. It is surely a normal part of nursing but that does not mean you just have to put up with the pain. It is normal to have sore nipples in the first week as the baby latches onto

stylish maternity dress

Maternity Dress – Tips to Choose the Best

Pregnancy is a time to cheer and celebrate so why not remain stylish in this phase also? Increasing belly size and uninviting bulges make some women feel less confident. This should really not be the case. Women should forget their magazine perfect body for a few months. If increased belly size or bulky appearance frustrate

braxtons hicks contractions featured

Braxtons Hicks Contractions – A False Labor

Now when you are teeming with the excitement of being pregnant you may experience different happenings at different phases. One of this is Braxtons Hicks contractions. They are also known as false labor, practice contractions or prodromal labor. This chunk of writing facilitates readers to get a more deep understanding of Braxtons Hicks contractions. What

38 weeks pregnant description

38 Weeks Pregnant – Are you Ready?

If you have reached the pregnancy milestone of 38th week you are a couple of days far from meeting your baby. It is pretty exciting yet normal to wonder about how the baby will look like. You might be experiencing some advanced physical changes too like puffiness on face especially eyes and increased swelling. Keeping

4 weeks pregnant smiling lady

4 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect?

Are you 4 weeks pregnant? Congratulations! Your baby is already in the growth stage now. The fertilized egg called zygote by this time has been implanted in the walls of the uterus. The placenta and umbilical cord started growing too. It is the beginning of the embryonic period. When you are 4 weeks pregnant, the