What is Prenatal Care and why is it Necessary?

prenatal care mother and the baby

Have you ever heard of Prenatal care? It is the care that you get while you are pregnant. It includes all kinds of prenatal testing and checkups, meant to keep the mother and the baby healthy. The possible health problems in the mother and the baby are spotted in this case and an early treatment plan is designed accordingly.

Expectant couple talking to midwife about prenatal care

Importance of Prenatal Care

It is fair to ask why Prenatal care is required and what is its importance. NICHD says that this healthy pregnancy program is one of the best ways of promoting healthy birth. A mother can help in promoting healthy pregnancy by taking the steps mentioned below even before the pregnancy starts:

  • Developing a plan for the reproductive life
  • Increase in the consumption of supplements like Vitamin B
  • Ensuring that the immunization are updated
  • Ensuring the mother is not diabetic and if she is, then the diabetes are in control
  • Avoiding alcohol, smoking and use of drugs
  • Attaining healthy weight
  • Learning about the family health history and the history of the partner
  • Helping patients with depression and anxiety

Prenatal care has its own way of ensuring the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy. You have to schedule regular healthcare appointments throughout each stage of the pregnancy. For the first 6 months of the pregnancy, you have to visit the doctor each month and then as the months to go by, your visits increase to every 2 weeks. Then when you are in the 9th month of pregnancy, you have to see the doctor every week. Learn more about Healthline Prenatal care.

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What to Expect from Prenatal Care?

Now the next question is what to expect from prenatal care? This depends on the clinic where to go for the check. According to the UCHealth, the common concerns that will be addressed include answering questions related to any symptoms or health problems, checking the weight, temperature and blood pressure, listening to the heartbeat of the baby, checking the position and size of the baby and performing regular checkups like ultrasound. Read more what UCHealth says about it.

Cost of The Care

Cost Helper says that on average, prenatal care costs about $2000. If the care is covered by health insurance, then you don’t really have to worry about the treatments and checkups. You might be entitled to receive some discounts too. Find out more what cost helper says about prenatal care costs.


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