Top 5 Reasons to Quit Smoking Weed while Pregnant

quit Smoking weed while pregnant

Pain and stress go hand in hand with pregnancy. Sudden mood swings and emotional drain are the frequent happenings when on the road of motherhood. However, there is no excuse to start smoking weed while pregnant to cope up such a situation. Mothers tend to rely on Smoking weed while pregnant because of derived euphoria and relaxation. Motherhood is a heavy duty responsibility and mother should never use any of the items that hinder fetal development. According to Caughey, MD, chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, “I would strongly recommend that all women using marijuana quit before attempting to get pregnant or when they learn they are pregnant.” This article provides a comprehensive discussion on smoking weed while pregnant and encompasses fruitful information providing you food for thought. So stay tuned!

What is a smoke weed?

Consumption of marijuana along with its smoke through either of pipe, blunt, joint, bubbler, in a bonge pipe, volcano, vaporizer, roar or percolator is termed as Smoke weed. Marijuana is basically a drug acquired from Cannabis Sativa (desiccated chunk of a plant). Bud, pot or weed are the other names coined for the same drug.

Smoking weed while pregnant moms

Moms involved in smoking weed while pregnant

Moms and marijuana are one of the hottest topics under discussion since 1960’s. The exact effects of marijuana are debatable since drug addicted moms do not consume Marijuana in isolation. Alcohol and tobacco and other drugs were also reported to be frequently consumed by such moms. Also, women indulge in drug addicted habits tend to consume marijuana more thinking it as a less damaging drug

It is almost impossible to figure out the exact amount of women smoking weed while pregnant due to social stigma. Still, the statistics report a range of 2%-27% of females consuming pot when pregnant. Researchers indicated that low birth weight proportion increases from 10% to 15% in females only smoking weed while pregnant. Consuming pot minimum once in seven days increases chances of preterm birth by double. Low Apgar score and stillbirth cases were found to be increased in infants whose mothers were exposed to Marijuana intake. An Australian research reported amplified the risk of infant admission to neonatal intensive care whose mothers were smoking weed while pregnant. The research accounted for approximately 420000 successful births.

Smoking weed while pregnant babies

According to Caughey, “I would remember that at baseline, all of the existing analyses have generally found increased risks of pregnancy complications.” Also, “Further, no current evidence suggests that there are beneficial effects from marijuana use during pregnancy, he said.

Danger to fetus when smoking weed while pregnant

Although consumption of marijuana is a burning topic yet biological researchers revealed some uninviting results. Marijuana contains delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, a compound capable of entering placental blood showing its effects up to a month in adults. Previous researchers also revealed that smoking weed while pregnant may sufficiently impair the developing fetus. Percentage of carbon monoxide goes up by 5time when consuming Marijuana as compared to tobacco. Insufficient oxygen supply affects the neural development of the baby.

Smoking weed while pregnant ultrasound

Ultrasound Images Suggest A Scary Effect of Smoking on Unborn Babies | the Huffington Post

Reasons to avoid smoking weed while pregnant

Smoking weed while pregnant produces both short and long term effects on children. Below you will find top 5 reasons to quit smoking weed.

  1. Disturbed sleep cycle in infants with unusually high-pitched crying normally known as prolonged and exaggerated startle reflexes.
  2. As per the research of a Brazilian study, affected infants were, “More irritable and less responsive to calming, cried more during the examination, and exhibited more jitteriness and startles than the non-exposed neonates.”
  3. Enhances depression, aggression and learning capability of children
  4. Deprivation of motor skills and coordination
  5. It may cause un-stabilized heartbeat of the baby when in the womb. It may trigger premature delivery, stillbirth or other emergency situation.

By all means, smoking is an unhealthy activity that cannot be and should not be justified. So for a healthy life of mom and baby, smoking weed while pregnant should be strictly prohibited.


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