13 Things that may cause Spotting before Periods

spotting before periods guide

Women remain skeptical about their menstrual dates, however, unusual spotting before periods may cause embarrassment because of staining. It may occur in any age group and is dictated by multiple reasons. Mostly little spotting prior menses is not a worrying sign but frequent spotting indicates towards grave health issues. This chunk of writing is a comprehensive guide on possible reasons of spotting before periods.

Frequent causes

Menstrual discharge encompasses many different layers. So it is pretty normal if one layer detaches and expel from your body a few days earlier your periods. If this is the case, the color of spotting will be brown. There is nothing to panic about this:

1. Implantation bleeding

Spotting before periods can be an early sign of pregnancy. It happens when the embryo attaches to the wall of the uterus. The phenomenon is termed as implantation bleeding. According to Huggies Australia, 25 to 30% of females suffer from implantation bleeding in the earlier few weeks of pregnancy. It may take a few days to show up in a strip test. Spotting will subside on its own but if it continues more than 7 days it is alarming.

2. Contraceptive Pills may cause spotting before periods

If contraceptive pills are not taken at the same point of time daily it may trigger spotting before periods. The phenomenon is really common in early months when consuming oral contraceptives.

3. Polyps

Due to the anomalous functioning of hormones, an abnormal cluster of cells divides and grow inside the uterus forming polyps. They can easily trigger heavy bleeding or just spotting before periods.


Women suffering from PCO’s may suffer abnormal spotting before periods because of decreased levels of progesterone. Increased levels of estrogen and androgen dictate other symptoms of PCO’s.

5. Sexually transmitted infections

Women actively involved in intercourse with multiple partners may frequently observe spotting before periods due to transmitted infections. Gonorrhea, chlamydia, and genital warts are few of them.

6. Stress

According to CNN,” Stress and extreme weight fluctuations may cause the menstrual period to arrive a week early”.

7. Endometriosis

This is a severe medical condition that requires prompt medical assistance. Actually, what happens, cells like the ones budding inside start dividing and growing outside the uterus abnormally? Mostly this atypical cluster of cells adheres to vagina, uterus, intestines, pelvic cavity or fallopian tubes. This phenomenon can frequently cause spotting before a period or even severe bleeding between two periods.

spotting before periods endometriosis

8. Ectopic Pregnancy

Chances of Spotting before the period in ectopic pregnancy are although rare yet exist. Such pregnancy is quite painful and demands prompt medical aid.

Other reasons may also include:

       9-Pelvic inflammatory disease

      10-Imbalance of hormones

      11-Side-effects of any medicine

      12-Intrauterine device

      13-Cancer occurring in either organ of reproductive system

Important tip

Carefully monitor the shade, extent of spotting and its timing whenever it happens between periods. These details enable the doctor to diagnose the exact cause of spotting before periods.

spotting before periods bleeding

When to worry about spotting?

You should seek medical help if spotting before periods transforms in either of following conditions:

  • Spotting is followed by heavy bleeding
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Restart of bleeding even after occurrence of menopause
  • You experience spotting before periods in consecutive 3 menstrual cycles
  • Spotting occurs right after sex and gradually amplifies in quantity
  • Spotting and bleeding exceeds 3 days or more

Pap Smear test

Your consultant doctor is likely to recommend you Pap smear test if he/she suspects any doubtful symptom.

A Pap Smear Test is a technique to collect and analyze cells from the cervix to highlight the ailment or condition triggering unusual spotting or bleeding.


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