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how to stop breastfeeding your baby

How to Stop Breastfeeding? Making the Transit Easy

How to Stop Breastfeeding? Making the Transit Easy

It is totally your choice when you wish to stop breastfeeding your baby. You should never feel pressured whenever you want to do that. There can be lots of reasons behind stopping breastfeeding, but it is always recommended to consider these reasons before making the final call. The question is how to stop breastfeeding? Reasons

breastfeeding harmful toxins

Breastfeeding: Can Toxins in Breast Milk Harm Your Baby?

A study conducted last August by P. Grandjean, a professor of environmental health at Harvard School of Public Health, found increased levels of PFAS’s in some children who had been breastfed longer than three months. These chemicals are thought to reduce the effects of some vaccines, leaving your child susceptible to diseases. This has many