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Top 7 Pregnancy Quiz Questions You Must Read

Top 7 Pregnancy Quiz Questions You Must Read

If you are in an active physical relation with your mate without any contraceptive measure you can conceive at any time. Sooner or later you will be looking for a pregnancy quiz to resolve the mystery whether you are pregnant or not. Bear in mind that the strip test carried at home may show pregnancy

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Negative Pregnancy Test – What are the Common Causes?

For couples who are excited to increase their family, seeing negative pregnancy test result can be disappointing. Wait, chances are that you just got a false negative pregnancy test result. Yes, this has happened with many and you may be one of them! Causes of False Negative Pregnancy Test There are certain factors that may

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Ovulation Calculator – Determining the Ovulation period

The ovulation calculator helps you determine a successful conception about the possible chances of getting pregnant. Also known as an “ovulation calendar”, it helps a woman determine the period of ovulation cycle by conducting an ovulation test with the required information. It computes a woman’s period of fertility or the time the sexual intercourse can