Third Trimester – Important Things to Take Note of

third trimester preparations

The third trimester is the final stretch of the pregnancy. You might be very excited about the birth of your baby by now. Some of the symptoms that you will experience during this time are urinary incontinence, sleeping trouble, hemorrhoids, short breath and in some cases varicose veins. Most of these symptoms arise as the size of the uterus increases.

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Fetal development

During this phase, you would definitely wish to know how long is the third trimester. It is not just about the excitement, it is also about getting relief from the pain of pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the third trimester starts from week 27 through week 40. It is called the gestational age. By the end of the 32nd week, the fetus will weight from 4 to 4.5 pounds. In the beginning of 27 weeks, the lungs are not fully mature but you might still feel breathing movements time after time. The bones are developed but they are soft and pliable. The fetus starts gaining weight radially as the week 33 begins. By the 38th week of pregnancy, the fetus is now ready to appear anytime. To find out more about the development of the fetus, click here.

Sleep Guide During Third Trimester

After knowing how long is the third trimester, you would surely be counting days. When it comes to sleeping, this is the most challenging phase. Frequent urination and exhaustion will always make sleeping troublesome for you. The third trimester is usually tough because the moment when you feel you can now all asleep, the baby starts kicking from the inside. Muscle aches and back pain are going to be the general forms of discomfort. Don’t worry too much, there are survival tips available to make it through this tough time. Doctors recommend to always sleep on your left side. Get special pregnancy pillow to sleep better. If you are regularly experiencing leg cramps, avoid drinking carbonated sodas. Find out more about what the National Sleep Foundation says about sleeping during the 3rd trimester.

Things to Take Care of

There are certain things that all mothers should take care of during the third trimester. Let’s have a look:

  • Watch over the movements of the fetal. Count the kicks of the baby regularly as the 28th-week progresses and then start noticing the changes in the activity as you reach the 9th month.
  • Watch your weight too. If you are not gaining enough weight, contact your doctor.
  • You might be given some fitness and safety precautions by your doctor but that does not mean you shouldn’t move. Continue the exercises until the due date.
  • The third trimester checkups should include tests for group B strep, anemia, and glucose level.
  • If you haven’t, then take a tour of the hospital where you will be giving birth. You can also choose the pediatrician before the birth of the baby.

Don’t just keep thinking how long is the third trimester, the pain will soon fade away as the baby comes into this world.


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