4 Types of Breast Pumps – Which One to Choose?

types of breast pumps

Ever since breast pumps have been introduced, they are widely used by mothers for removing and collecting milk from their breasts. Once the milk is collected, you can either store it in a container or you can feed it to your baby. Today, you can readily find a variety of types of breast pumps. You can choose whatever you like according to your convenience. Usually, breast pumps are used if:

  • You need to pull out inverted or flat nipples
  • You want to feed breast milk to your baby when in case you are away for a while
  • You have a preemie baby and he/she is in the hospital
  • You wish to relieve the pain and pressure of breastfeeding
  • You want to increase the milk supply

Types of Breast Pumps

Whatever may be the reason for which you need to use breast pumps, you will get confused by seeing various types of breast pumps available out there. Let’s have a look at them:

types of breast pumps manual

1. Manual Breast Pump

You have to operate this pump with hand by squeezing the trigger button for creating the suction to remove the milk from your breasts. This is one of the types of breast pumps that require a lot of effort to pump and it is time-consuming as well.

types of breast pumps battery operated

2. Battery Operated Breast Pump

This type is best in case you want to pump the milk once a day. It is not a strong option for stimulating the production of milk. You still would have to put your baby to breastfeeding.

types of breast pumps electric

3. Electric Breast Pump

It is one of those types of breast pumps that is perfect if you want to pump very often. These pumps are powerful and stronger so they can readily be used for helping you establish, maintain and increase the supply of milk. These pumps are extremely efficient as they let you save a lot of time. However, they are large and expensive and they need power for operating.

types of breast pumps bulb style

4. Bulb Style Pump

Among the various types of breast pumps, it is one popular type too. It is also called bicycle horn pump because of the shape. They are not usually recommended for use because they are inefficient, unsanitary and they can cause harm to the breasts. So, it is best to avoid them.

The best and the most recommended types of breast pumps are electric breast pumps. They  might be expensive but they can pump the milk from both breasts effectively in a short time. They come with adjustable suction levels to avoid the nipple discomfort. You can also find the double pumps that can extract milk from both breasts at the same time. They have a slow and deeper sucking pattern so the pumping will be comfortable. However, it does not necessarily mean that you will be producing more milk. With the milk that you collect, your baby will enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding even when you are not around. So, don’t underestimate the benefits of breast pumps, just pick the right one for yourself.


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