Typhoid Fever – What are the Causes and Symptoms?

typhoid fever among toddlers

Typhoid Fever is a common bacterial infection that can happen to anyone. If you have kids, you must be extra careful because this disease can lead to serious troubles. The common reason why this fever occurs is poor sanitation. Let’s explore this medical condition to find out more about it:

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Causes of Typhoid Fever

The major cause of the typhoid fever in kids is bacteria found in food and water that is contaminated by some infected person. Poor hygiene and sanitation can make this disease spread quickly.

Symptoms of Typhoid Fever

The symptoms of Typhoid Fever appear after 7 to 14 days of attaching the disease. There are some children who don’t get sick as long as 2 months after they get exposed to this disease. The common symptoms include:

• Persistent fever that rises gradually from 102 to 104 degree Fahrenheit

• Headache

• Sore throat

• Low energy and tiredness

• Stomach pain

• Constipation and in some cases diarrhea

• Rash or pink spots on the chest and stomach

In case you see these symptoms in your child, take him/her to the doctor right away. If the typhoid fever is not treated in time, then it can lead to severe illness and even death. Although the symptoms in some toddlers are apparent, but doctors still recommend certain tests for confirming the infection. Bone marrow or blood test is usually done to identify the infection. Some doctors also take stool test for confirming the presence of bacteria.


As soon as typhoid fever is detected, you must start the treatment as soon as possible. Here are some effective cures:

• Vomiting and sweating is going to cause our toddler to lose a lot of water. Make sure that your child consumes at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Boiled milk, plain soup, and other nutritious fluids can help.

• Your baby would have lost a lot of energy. Let him/her take complete rest till the fever subsides.

• Some parents think that their toddler should not be taking bath because of the fever. It is ok if your baby is not comfortable with bath but it is necessary that you wipe his/her body with a clean and damp sponge for alleviating fever.

• The doctor will prescribe some antibiotics for killing the germs. Make sure that your child completes the entire course of antibiotics for preventing the ailment from occurring gain.

Typhoid fever can be prevented if you and your child take off the hygiene. However, there is no guarantee that your child will be 100% protected from it.