Want to be a fit Mom? Best Workout Schedules will help!

workout schedules moms

The biggest dilemma for moms in their fitness struggle is the management and workout schedules. There are only 24 hours per day but you have the load of 30 hours’ work, right? Feels that way and it actually happens. But you do not need to carry on with long term workout schedules. What about a six-day schedule? It is more productive as well.

Every mother has her own issues; maybe they go to work or they have kids running around. But whatever it is or hell passes by; you need to get that half hour workout done! Are you going to miss out on laundry that day? Wake up early the next day and get it done! You have to do it for YOU!

Even with years of practice or let’s say months of keeping yourself balanced; you lose your pace for a day and that is perfectly alright! But the best advice for moms who do not get time is to get up early! It can be as early as 4:30 in the morning. Getting out of bed is a big pain but you won’t ever regret it. You can do it for merely 20 minutes as well. Or if you get in the mood; 30 minutes is also good.

workout schedules moms

Workout Schedules; Make Em’ Simple

So how can you make your workout schedules simpler for yourself? Don’t appoint everything on one day; keep one thing per day:

Mondays: Hill Run (30 mins to 40 mins max)

Tuesdays: Back or leg strength training (20-40 minutes)

Wednesdays: Treadmill (20-40 minutes)

Thursdays: Upper body strength training (20-40 minutes)

Fridays: Run (40-60 minutes)

Saturdays: Full Body Strength Training (20-40 minutes)

Sundays: Rest Day

workout schedules mother with a baby

The timings when you have to do all of this every day depends on you. As mentioned earlier, it is better to get done with the exercises during the first time. Your metabolism comes in shape and you are out of tension for when to take time out for it.

You do not need to exercise for hours and hours. 40 minutes is great. 20 minutes work well also for beginners. Working out is easier when you are young as you have time to spare. But when you enter the mother globe; it’s a bit harder. But if you are motivated for your mission; you can do it for sure.

Here are some tips to grab so that your workout schedules work better:

  • Make your workout schedules as an appointment for yourself. For working women, this will do as their appointments are the most important thing for them. So don’t miss out on this basic appointment of yours.
  • Make smart cardio a necessity. Running is great and easy. Start from 30 minutes and take it to an hour.
  • Lifting is good and you must do it consistently. Your heartbeat will be up and you will burn more calories. Make sure not to lift more than your strength.
  • Be consistent with your workouts and make sure that you keep a week to week update for yourself.

Extra tips for Mommy’s:

  1. You can join a gym which offers a baby care center as well.
  2. Find a partner for your workout sessions.
  3. You can also workout at home with simple video tutorials.
  4. You can also hire a trainer so that you know that a specific time of your day has to go there.
  5. Or maybe you can just workout before the kids wake up!

Making the workout schedules easy and effective is a hard task but it is not impossible at all. Through the above-briefed manners, you can easily make a great schedule for yourself and handle all of your house chores even. Try it and see the results happening.


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