What Will My Baby Look Like With Each Passing Week?

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Pregnancy is the time for cheers and laughter. Nothing can beat the feeling of motherhood in any way. A deep connection with the baby establishes as soon as pregnancy is declared. Every time a mother pats her belly with love and affection one question always pops up, what will my baby look like? Although a complete picture is hard to imagine but tracking weekly development you can perceive how the baby is appearing. Down below you will get the answer of what will my baby look like with each passing week?

What will my baby look like at between weeks 4 – 7?

Week 4: Fertilized egg becomes embryo by week 4. Before this period your baby to be is a cluster of actively dividing cells which are microscopic in nature. At this point of time baby is about the size of the poppy seed.

Week 5: Growth is taking place at rapid space. Your baby’s circulatory system will actively develop and his little heart will beat by the end of this week. Your baby will approximately take the size of a sesame seed.

Week 6: Turning to the size of a lentil, different organs (ears, mouth, and nose) are defining this week.

Week 7: Just like a tadpole your baby still possesses a tail that will shed off soon. Tiny hands and feet are popping out of arms and legs that are also developing with a pace.

what will my baby look like week 11

What will my baby look like at between weeks 8 – 11?

Week-8: Adopting the size of a kidney bean, earlier neural pathways are formed by extensive branching of nerves.

Week-9: Your baby grows to the size of a grape with embryonic tail shed.

Week-10: Your baby grows nearly to the dimensions of a  kumquat. Intricate details are forming but the skin still appears transparent.

Week-11: Attaining the size of a fig your baby will be nearly formed by this week.

In the following weeks, your baby will be growing with each passing day up to week 39. Layers of fat keep on adding to provide thermal stability outside the world.

what will my baby look like polygenic traits

What will my baby look like when entering the world?

Physical features like complexion, hair and eye color, height and weight will be a curious thing to know. Genes of both the partners play their role in determining the overall appearance. Dominant and expressive genes of either of the partner or even transmitted genes can play their part. It is also possible that recessive genes along with dominant dictate the overall appearance of a baby. More than 30,000 genes are located on chromosomes, so a precise answer to what will my baby look like is impossible. Countless combinations are possible that define final appearance.

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