When can You Find Out the Gender of your Baby?

when can you find out the gender of your baby

Parents surely are excited to learn about the gender of their baby. A good thing is that you don’t really have to wait for all the way till the time of delivery to know the gender of the baby. With a simple blood test, you will get to know about the gender. Parents, especially moms are the most curious ones. They often question when can you find out the gender of your baby? Actually, you can know the gender of the baby within seven weeks of your pregnancy! Is that really true? Would that gender be correct? These are some of the genuine concerns of parents. Let’s find out more about it.

Gender Identification through Blood Test

This blood test is known as the cell-free DNA test and many European doctors are readily using it for figuring out the gender. However, it is still unknown whether the test is accurate or not.The test analyzes the fetal DNA in the blood stream of the mother by looking for the traces of “Y” chromosome from the male. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a report regarding the surprising accuracy of this test.

Gender Identification through Ultrasound

Another solution to when can you find out the gender of your baby is between 16 and 20 weeks of the pregnancy through ultrasound. If the genitals of the baby are clear, you will get an accurate report. The vulva or penis of the baby starts forming after 6 weeks. The ultrasound of the baby girl or boy looks the same until 14 weeks pass by. After 18 weeks, if the baby is in a position that clearly shows the genitals, then, of course, it will be easier to identify the gender. In case the position of the baby appears otherwise, you might have to come for another ultrasound.

gender of baby

Gender identification through CVS

Here is another way! But when can you find out the gender of your baby through this procedure and what is it? It is another test in which the chromosomes of the baby are looked. CVS i.e. Chorionic Villus Sampling is performed during the 1st trimester and it is meant for identifying potential problems with the chromosomes of the baby. This test is not performed that often.

Some parents get frustrated when the doctor is unable to tell the gender. They panic and start wondering when can you find out the gender of your baby without delay. Well, the best and the most reliable procedure is of course through ultrasound because it shows you the genitals of your baby, which will remove all your doubts. You might have to wait for the right time but it is always worth it because it is a very lovely feeling for a mother to actually see her baby moving and resting in her belly. On top of it, if the gender is identified, then the feeling of love blossoms even more.

Don’t know about “when can you find out the gender of your baby”? You will figure that out soon enough. Just buy some yellow and green clothes for the baby in the mean time!


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