White Discharge – 5 Reasons You Should be Aware of

white discharge during pregnancy

During pregnancy and sometimes after having sex, some white discharge can be seen. Its amount and timing can vary in different ladies. This vaginal discharge is also common in girls who are at the childbearing age. This can be normally milky white or sometimes yellowish white. Odorless thick discharge can be seen at the start of pregnancy. 

white discharge reasons 

Reasons For White Discharge

Due to change in the amount of estrogen, which helps to make a protective layer in pregnant woman cervix canal, a little amount of extra mucus can be discharged through the vagina. This is called white discharge.

It can be normal leukorrhea. If it is white milky or yellowish odorless thick discharge. According to Dr. Nithin Jayan a researcher, “This white discharge can come out through vagina due to the thinness of protective layer of mucus plug. It may contain some spots of blood also. The cervix may expel white discharge that is similar to mucus coming from the nose during a cold”.

Here are some ways by which you can recognize what type of discharge you are seeing in your panty.

1. Leucorrhea or not

If the discharge is milky white or off white it is 90% sure that it is due to leucorrhea. You must visit your doctor and get treatment as soon as possible because if it is the start of your pregnancy this white discharge can be dangerous. Your embryo can be wasted. It is announced by Dr. Simi Paknikar who is doing research and working as MD in pharmacology with experience of over a decade.

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2. Mucus Plug

At the 12th week of your pregnancy, you see some white discharge. You must be conscious about it. Due to change in the amount of estrogen which can make your protective layer thick or thin in your uterus tube helps in the development of the embryo. If mucus plug is diluted earlier it may open the tube and may cause preterm labor.

3. Discharge coupled with red spots

White discharge must be examined by competent doctor or midwife. If there are red blood spots in it, the patient must be treated carefully.

4. Pain, Itching or Inflammation

Discharge with pain in lower belly or itching may be caused due to some infection in your body. It must also be treated by a qualified doctor. Observe color and smell of discharge for exact diagnosis.

5. Sexual arousal                                  

Sometimes due to sexual arousal, a white colored discharge can be seen. That is quite normal.

All type of white discharge is very much annoying for young ladies. However, it cannot be avoided. Just keep the vagina clean and dry. Avoid lifting heavy loads or sitting on the hard floor. Put a liner in your panty and see your doctor if the flow of discharge is abnormal.

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